Autumn is easier to tan than summer

Many people think that summer is the time to get sunburnt. Whether it is swimming at the seaside or having a picnic in the countryside, the direct sunlight will destroy their fair skin. Can it be said that things will get better in autumn? In fact, this is not right. Although the temperature in autumn is not too high, the intensity of ultraviolet rays is high. It is easier to tan in autumn than in summer. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the ways of sunscreen in autumn. If you are interested, let’s have a look!

autumn is easier to tan than summer.

In autumn, the sunlight is oblique, and the content of UVB in the sunlight decreases obviously. However, UVA does not fall too much due to the season. The warm sunshine in autumn will make people forget that it is also destructive. In fact, the sunlight in autumn contains a large amount of long wave ultraviolet rays (UVA). UVA ultraviolet rays are more likely to penetrate the skin, stimulate the production of melanin, destroy collagen and elastic fibers, and the skin will unconsciously show dark spots and aging.

Therefore, we should pay attention to strengthening the protection of UVA, and be careful that the sunlight in autumn is easy to age people. Sun protection in summer is different from that in autumn. The content of UVA in the sunlight in autumn is much higher than that of UVB, because it has a mild effect but a strong penetration. It is easy to get sunburned due to excessive exposure. Because there are more UVA in the sunlight in autumn, the aging damage of skin will be more obvious.

three ways of sunscreen in autumn:

1. In autumn, when the climate is dry, we must pay attention to moisturizing and moisturizing. The moisture caused by drying really weakens the skin’s repair ability, which makes it easier to tan.

2. In autumn, eat more fruits and foods that return vitamin C and vitamin E, which are the main elements of whitening and sunscreen.

3. In autumn, the sunshine time is long, so it is necessary to fight a long battle. In autumn, the direct sunlight is long, so the sun protection work brooks no delay. There is no need for a sunscreen with a particularly high sun protection factor, which is used in summer. Using it now will only increase the burden, so you can use ordinary sunscreen or isolation cream, but you must remember to apply it indoors and outdoors!

If you are still unlucky to be “hit” by the sun, the following first-aid secrets of systematic whitening may help you quickly repair white porcelain muscles.

autumn whitening method tips:

At present, there are many skin whitening methods, including skin care product whitening, oral nutrition product whitening, foundation make-up cover whitening, whitening needle whitening, laser whitening / pulsed light whitening / chemical skin whitening and other optical whitening. The following mainly introduces skin care whitening and medical whitening.

skin care products whitening methods

You should know that all whitening products on the market belong to skin care products. The purpose of these products is to prevent the formation / precipitation of melanin or reduce melanin. Whitening products can directly or indirectly inhibit melanin precipitation from different angles due to different effective ingredients. Each giant in the cosmetics industry has its own whitening theory or its own whitening ingredients. Currently, the main whitening theories and effective ingredients include the following:

① Direct inhibition of melanin synthesis reaction (vitamin C, arbutin, kojic acid).

② Ingredients that prevent the formation of melanin (chamomile essence, tranexamic acid).

③ Promote melanin decomposition (budding yeast extract, vitamin E, vitamin C).

④ Prevent melanin from moving to epidermal cells (Mimosa cassia extract, coffee polyphenols).

⑤ Restore the metabolism of epidermal cells.

how to use skin care and whitening products most effectively

1. Skin cleansing is the foundation of whitening

Skin cleaning is the foundation of whitening. Washing your face carefully can not only thoroughly clean your skin, but also specially regulate your skin, so that the ingredients of subsequent whitening products can be better absorbed, and thus achieve twice the result with half the effort.

2. Replenish water and let skin drink freely

If the hydration is done well, the skin is not easy to have problems. Because the tight stratum corneum, the uniform water-soluble lipid protective layer and the strong cell membrane are the best natural barriers for skin, no matter what link goes wrong, our skin will lose moisture, which will also aggravate the skin problems caused by ultraviolet rays. Therefore, it is very important to replenish water to the skin at the right time. The hydrating, moisturizing and whitening facial mask is particularly effective for rapid hydration and whitening.

3. Whitening at night is an opportunity

Night is the prime time for skin self-healing and a good opportunity for whitening and maintenance. The use of targeted Whitening Night Cream can significantly improve the subcutaneous microcirculation, promote the metabolism of skin cells, effectively and rapidly balance the metabolic activities of melanin, so as to dilute and disperse melanin and make up for the persistent damage caused by sunlight.

Generally speaking, the whitening effect of whitening products aimed at epidermal growth and metabolism and melanin distribution, regardless of the mechanism of action, needs to undergo a skin growth and metabolism cycle before it can be clearly perceived, which takes about 4 weeks to 6 weeks.

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