What are the tips for removing acne and whitening

Skin care and whitening is a lifelong career of women. A woman wants to have a perfect face. There are no acne on her face and it is no different from porcelain muscle dolls. However, no matter how good the skin is, only babies can have it. Nowadays, people need to face electronic products every day, as well as huge work and life pressures. Irregular eating habits will lead to skin damage, and the following acne Dark complexion and so on will come to the door. Many people will find some folk remedies to achieve the effect they want, but can these really be used? Today, Xiaobian will not only tell you the rumors of acne whitening, but also tell you what are the little tricks of acne whitening.

rumors of acne whitening

1. Toothpaste dispels acne

After seeing that toothpaste can remove acne on the Internet, many acne friends start to experience it with enthusiasm. They still sigh that the method is really simple, but they do not know that the so-called toothpaste in this trick contains ingredients for sterilization, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, which have not been proven by professionals at all. Some acne friends even cause serious allergy after using it, forming allergic skin. Some people even have the symptoms of burning black after use. It can be imagined that blindly using toothpaste to eliminate acne has safety risks.

2. Yogurt acne removal

Yogurt is a product developed for the main purpose of eating. There is no scientific method to prove that it has the function of removing acne. If the yogurt you eat is not degreased, it is easy to use yogurt to remove acne rashly, which will lead to excess nutrition of the skin and produce fat particles. It can be said that acne has not gone, and there are more worries about fat particles. After all, the gains outweigh the losses.

3. Green tea powder dispels acne

Green tea has a strong antioxidant effect. The tannic acid contained in it can shrink pores and alleviate acne inflammation to a certain extent, but it can not inhibit the growth of acne, let alone completely remove acne. In addition, the green tea powder DIY facial mask can not guarantee that the green tea powder it uses is natural, so there are also unsafe factors in use.

4. White vinegar dispels acne

White vinegar washing face can play a certain beauty effect, but the argument that white vinegar dispels acne is not tenable and has not been verified accordingly. Moreover, white vinegar itself is an irritating product. Although the skin is weakly acidic, if the concentration of white vinegar is not well controlled, the acidity will hurt the skin, especially allergic skin, and it should be used with caution!

5. Potato chips dispel acne

Potatoes have anti-inflammatory ingredients. If acne has appeared, potato chips can help absorb pus to reduce swelling and pain. However, the natural molecules of potatoes are relatively large and difficult to be directly absorbed by the skin. Although the acne has been improved visually in a short time after use, the actual anti-inflammatory effect is very limited. In addition, applying potatoes to your face can not really improve the state of Oily Acne Skin, nor can it prevent the formation of acne.

Acne can’t be treated by scribbling on things. It’s better to treat acne with practical methods! Next let’s take a look at the feasible acne Whitening Tips!

acne removing and Whitening Tips 1. Calm down and eliminate inflammation at the first time

Select products containing aloe vera, tea tree oil, witch hazel and other plant ingredients with anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and soothing effects, and apply a thick layer on acne. In this way, the inflammatory symptoms will be alleviated and the acne will become smaller. At the same time, topical ointment can also be used to eliminate inflammation of acne, but it is important not to use topical ointment containing hormones.

acne removing and Whitening Tips 2. Repairing pores is essential

Use pore tightening essence to supplement collagen and elastic fiber of skin, and then use oil control products to prevent and improve coarse pores.

acne Whitening Tips 3. Follow up work acne whitening

Regularly exfoliate, remove the aged dead skin on the skin surface, and use whitening products. Pay special attention to sunscreen, because ultraviolet rays will cause melanin deposition and aggravate acne marks.

acne removing and Whitening Tips 4. Drink more water and replenish more water

Eight cups of water a day is the driving force to ensure the beauty and health of skin. Only when there is enough water in the skin can the nutrients added to the skin surface be efficiently absorbed. If the body is short of water, even if the moisture is full, it is still difficult to achieve moisturizing effect. Therefore, replenishing water from the inside is the king’s way! The skin is rich in moisture, and the skin is naturally healthy and white. Moisturizing is the foundation of whitening and acne removing. Mm with conditions may as well try to apply more honey water to your face and wash your face, and the moisturizing effect is no less than the expensive high-priced facial mask.

acne removing and Whitening Tips 5. Stay away from spicy and greasy food

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