Does beauty salon whitening have effect

Does beauty salon whitening have effect? The hot summer makes countless female friends very upset, because strong ultraviolet rays are very easy to make skin black and yellow. Many friends like to go to the beauty salon for care, so does the beauty salon whitening have an effect?

1. Is whitening effective in beauty salons?

Beauty salons are generally professional nursing. If you want to go to a beauty salon, you must be careful, choose a reliable beauty salon, and ask a professional beautician to take regular facial care according to your skin characteristics. This is the real meaning of going to a beauty salon to maintain your skin. In fact, taking care of your skin at home can also achieve good skin whitening effects.

2. How can I whiten my skin?

When going out, try to wear hats, parasols, sunglasses and long sleeved clothes to protect your skin. Every time you go out on a sunny day, you should wear sunscreen and wipe it every 2-3 hours. When swimming, you should also apply sunscreen, and you should also use sunscreen that is waterproof and has a high sun protection index.

After sunburn, it is also advisable to use fresh aloe at home, scrape out the aloe substance in the middle and apply it to the skin, which has the effect of calming and whitening.

Water is a holy thing for beauty. When you wake up in the morning, you should drink cold boiled water on an empty stomach as soon as possible. If you add a slice of lemon to the water, the beauty effect will be more obvious. Please also drink a small glass of water 30 minutes before going to bed at night, so that the cells can fully absorb it, which can effectively prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Eat more cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, oranges, etc., because they contain a lot of VC, which can effectively help reduce melanin, help whiten, and enhance immunity.

Adequate sleep can effectively relieve the pressure of life. Listening to more music is also a good helper for whitening. Smoke less and drink less stimulating drinks to ensure sleep and keep skin tender and smooth.

3. Skin Whitening Tips

3.1. Make a water film before going to bed

Before going to bed every night, put hot water under your face and use the steam of hot water to fumigate your face for 3 minutes. It can not only replenish water and moisturize, but also discharge and decompose garbage in your pores. If you persist in using this method, your skin will be bright and clear.

3.2 loofah juice facial mask

Select fresh loofah, wash and peel it, put it into a juicer, squeeze and filter it, then add an appropriate amount of flour to mix it into a paste, and then evenly smear it on the face. After drying, wash it. Loofah is rich in a variety of micro nutrients, which has a very good effect on whitening skin, especially for pigmented skin, and can make the skin glow white from the inside out.

3.3. Sweet wine whitening

Take an appropriate amount of sweet wine and put it into the facial mask bowl. The rice in it should also be used. Then mash some rice, soak the facial mask paper or cotton pad in it after making it, and apply it to the face for 8-10 minutes after the facial mask paper absorbs enough wine.

what can you eat to whiten your skin?

1. Early morning lemonade

This glass of lemon honey water every morning can first clear the intestines, then whiten the skin, and the taste is sour and sweet, which is easy for most female friends to accept.

2. Bean products

Bean products are known as natural plant hormones. It is best for women to eat tofu and drink soy milk for a long time. If middle-aged and old female friends often eat bean products, they can also regulate estrogen in the body and delay menopause. If you want to be white in autumn, remember to eat tofu. Your skin is white and tender.

3. Tomato

The whitening and freckle removing effect of tomatoes is because tomatoes are rich in lycopene and VC. Eating tomatoes every day can supplement enough vitamin C. Tomatoes mixed with sugar are delicious, but the release of lycopene needs to be heated, such as tomato scrambled eggs and tomato egg soup. It’s also good to eat more in autumn.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, which can help transform and excrete toxins, oils, garbage and other harmful substances in the body, reduce melanin deposition, and keep skin white.

5. Stewed eggs with wolfberry wine

Pour a large bowl of water into the pot, add Chinese wolfberry and cook for 5 minutes. Pour in the wine. Bring to a boil over high heat, add a proper amount of rock sugar and stir. Then pour in the quail egg mixture.

After childbirth, new mothers often eat it, not only to ensure that they have high-quality milk, but also to improve their skin.

what can’t you eat to whiten your skin?

1. Dark food

Dark food is also the food you should pay attention to. Milk, eggs, tofu, fish and other light colored foods can easily discharge melanin and reduce the burden on the viscera. At the same time, we should also eat less dark food and drink less beverages, such as strong tea, cola, coffee and chocolate.

2. Fried food

Fried food is not only easy to get fat, but also contains oxides that will accelerate the aging of the skin, so it should be eaten as little as possible. If you can’t help it, you may as well supplement some foods with vitamin E before eating to resist aging, such as pumpkin, rubber, spinach, carrot, whole wheat bread, peanut, sesame, brown rice, etc.

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