Do you grow spots with whitening products? Precautions for whitening

Can I get spots with whitening products? Now more and more people pay attention to whitening. All kinds of whitening products are applied to the face, but there are comments that using whitening products will lead to spots. I’m very angry that I didn’t realize whitening, but I had spots on my face! Long spots on the face are fatal to women who love beauty. Then, do you know that using whitening products will cause spots? Next, this article will introduce to you whether the whitening products will cause spots.

1. Do you grow spots with whitening products?

Use whitening products to grow spots. Some women “recklessly” use whitening products, but excessive whitening will make our skin “unbearable”. Frequent use of whitening products or whitening courses will make the skin thinner and the stratum corneum detached. Such skin will rash and pigmentation more serious when it meets the sun.

2. Causes of long spots

2.1. Stagnation of liver Qi: those who suffer from depression, loss of liver function, stagnation of liver qi, depression for a long time will turn into heat, burn Yin blood, resulting in loss of facial Qi and blood.

2.2. The spleen is deficient in dampness and Yin. If the diet is not strict, the fatigue is excessive, and the appetite is spicy and greasy, the spleen will lose its health and function, the source of transformation is insufficient, and the blood and Qi can not moisten the appearance of the face. Therefore, the color is like dirt, and the color is dark and not beautiful.

The main cause of color spots caused by irregular menstruation is endocrine disorder and pigment deposition on the skin. The cause of acne is caused by exuberant endocrine, excessive sebum secretion, clogging pores or bacterial infection.

High work pressure is a major inducement for young women to have irregular menstruation, but experts remind that the body is the capital of revolution. Female friends must not neglect their health because of work. Can I get spots with whitening products

3. What to eat for long spots

Vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E have certain effects on eliminating spots. Foods with high content include citrus, lemon, tomato, etc. after puncturing the vitamin E capsule, apply it directly and evenly on the spots to inhibit the production of pigment or make the dark spots disappear. What needs to be paid attention to is that in addition to bad behaviors and living habits, such as ultraviolet radiation, the use of bad cosmetics, external stimuli and abrasions, or mental stress, excessive fatigue, and neurological disorders, which will cause long spots, pelvic inflammatory disease, mastitis, cervicitis and other gynecological diseases will also cause facial spots. Don’t stay up late at ordinary times, and develop a healthy diet and routine.

Whitening Tips

1. Adequate sleep is the key to whole body whitening

People’s skin will enter the time of metabolism after 10 p.m., and whitening and sleep are the key. We should ensure more than 8 hours of sleep every day, have a beauty sleep, and often maintain an open mind. Our skin will naturally whiten. Remember not to stay up late.

2. Drink more water to whiten your whole body

Drink a large cup of warm water on an empty stomach in the morning and a small cup before going to bed, so that the cells can fully absorb water, which can effectively prevent the appearance of melanin and have whitening effect. Remember to guarantee at least 8 glasses of water every day. Can I get spots with whitening products

3. Green tea bath can whiten the whole body

Put the drunk green tea residue in the bathtub, inject hot water, and soak it in green tea water for 10-20 minutes. Green tea bath can effectively remove oil and dirt on the skin surface, and has the effect of refreshing, removing prickly heat and softening horniness. Regular bathing with green tea can also achieve the whitening effect.

precautions for whitening

1. Avoid going out from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

If you don’t have to go out, avoid going out from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., because at this time, the ultraviolet rays in the sun are the strongest and the damage to the skin is the worst.

2. Use sunscreen products

Every time you are exposed to the sun, you should use sunscreen products in time and rub them every 2-3 hours. In addition, even in the water, people will get sunburn, so those who like to play in the water or dive should use sunscreen products with high sun protection factor and waterproof effect. Can I get spots with whitening products

3. As long as you have been engaged in outdoor activities , regardless of the degree of sun exposure, you should first wash your whole body and wipe your body with easy movements after going home, then rinse foam with warm water, then rinse it with cold water, and wipe some skin care products on your body. Or wrap ice cubes with towels to cool the hot skin, so as to alleviate the uncomfortable feeling of dryness and heat.

4. Relax the tense body and mind

Psychological factors can also affect our skin, and in modern times, many women are facing great pressure, which will also lead to many skin problems. For this situation, we need to be able to consciously relax our body and mind. For example, before going to bed, closing your eyes and listening to soothing music, combined with whitening and maintenance activities, are very good for whitening and skin care.

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