Which are the most effective whitening methods of traditional Chinese medicine

The harm of traditional Chinese medicine to the human body is relatively small. However, after all, it is a medicine. It is a three part poison. You should pay more attention to it. Chinese traditional Chinese medicine whitening is safe, thorough and effective. It can be regarded as the most reliable whitening method. How to use Chinese medicine for whitening? Xiaobian has sorted out several effective Chinese medicine whitening secrets for everyone. These traditional Chinese medicine whitening formulas can stand the test!

white nuts

Characteristics: sweet, bitter, astringent and dry in nature. White fruit acid can inhibit some skin fungi in vitro, so it can be used externally to treat a variety of skin diseases that hinder the capacity of the head, face, hands and feet, delay skin aging, and prevent rough skin.

Beauty effect: moisturize skin and make skin smooth as jade. Mash white nuts into liquid paste and apply it on your face to make your skin soft, smooth, white and delicate.


The repercussions of Baisu beauty among beauty lovers are enough to show the charm of Baisu. Rubbing fresh perilla leaves under your armpits can remove tumors. What’s more, it can sweep away the embarrassing body odor. Beauty efficacy: it is especially suitable for dry, wrinkled and grayish skin. Using white Su for beauty, elastic and white skin is the gospel of white Su for people who want to whiten.

Angelica dahurica

Angelica dahurica is one of the ancient Chinese herbal medicines for beauty. There are endless cosmetics and beauty products made of it in the market. The “original flavor” Angelica dahurica has a more remarkable beauty effect: Angelica dahurica decoction has a certain inhibitory effect on a variety of pathogenic bacteria in vitro, and can improve microcirculation, promote skin metabolism and delay skin aging.

Beauty efficacy: the tender skin is moist and smooth, and the moist face shows the same aura as water.

Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris, also known as Tribulus terrestris, contains a variety of alkaloids and glycosides, which have the effects of lowering blood pressure and blood fat. The peroxidase contained therein has an obvious anti-aging effect. Beauty efficacy: long term use can remove scars on the face and make the skin soft and smooth.

Bletilla striata

Bletilla striata is rich in starch, glucose, volatile oil, mucus, etc. when applied externally, it can eliminate acne like marks on the face and make the skin smooth and traceless.

Traditional Chinese medicine whitening emphasizes slow adjustment and fine treatment, which is a very traditional but effective method. Traditional Chinese medicine whitening cannot pursue speed, but persistence. Xiaobian reminds you that traditional Chinese medicine whitening formulas can’t be matched without permission. This will affect the whitening effect and even harm the skin.

Chinese medicine self-made whitening facial mask is the whitening secret of many mm. Although the side effects of using self-made whitening facial mask made of Chinese medicine are small, it does not mean that there are no side effects. Therefore, when making self-made whitening facial mask made of Chinese medicine, we must pay attention to the following points, so as to give play to the efficacy of Chinese medicine Whitening Facial Mask!

1. The thinner the traditional Chinese medicine facial mask powder, the more

Traditional Chinese medicine facial mask powder is a powder that grinds traditional Chinese medicine into very fine particles, which are sieved to reach a certain fineness before being better absorbed by the skin. If you grind it at home, the particles will be thicker, which is not conducive to skin absorption.

2. Facial mask + oral administration: two pronged approach, from inside to outside

Applying traditional Chinese medicine facial mask is one of the external treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine. It is to crush and screen the specially prepared traditional Chinese medicine, sterilize it, and then pack it separately. During treatment, take an appropriate amount of powder, milk, green tea water, cucumber juice, honey, etc. to form a paste and apply it to the affected part. It has the functions of moistening the skin, detoxifying and dispersing, activating blood circulation and eliminating spots. But how much medicine can be absorbed only through the skin? Traditional Chinese medicine facial mask has certain curative effect, but it is only an auxiliary function, which should be carried out in combination with internal and external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine.

If you use traditional Chinese medicine facial mask, you’d better do it once a day, 20 minutes each time, 7 days a course of treatment. If it is only a health care effect, it can be adjusted according to the condition of the skin.

3. Sensitive skin should be cautious.

Many people think that traditional Chinese medicine is natural and safe, but it is not absolute. Some drugs may cause allergic symptoms for people with allergic constitution. Some drugs have photosensitive effects, and should be avoided during the day, such as Angelica dahurica.

You can try it in a small range on your face, that is, apply the traditional Chinese medicine facial mask on the small and large position of the coin on your face, and observe whether there is any abnormal feeling within ten minutes. If there is no discomfort such as redness and itching, you can continue to try it in a small range the next day. If you don’t have allergic symptoms for three consecutive days, you can use it boldly and confidently.

4. Select appropriate materials and apply pure white

Different Chinese medicines have different effects, some of which are heat clearing, detoxifying and swelling reducing, some are moisturizing and whitening, and some are promoting blood circulation and removing stasis. In the preparation, we can choose the matrix according to our needs. For example, if you want to remove freckles, you can use milk to prepare it; If you want to moisturize, use honey; Oily skin can be prepared with cucumber juice or loofah juice; Anti inflammation and acne, can be prepared with green tea or Kuding tea.

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