How to do skin care? How many kinds of whitening facial mask are there

Whitening and skin care, how to do better. Some beautiful eyebrows have oily skin, which produces more oil, but at the same time, their skin color is very dark and yellow, and there is no sense of whiteness at all. If they want to get good improvement, they must control oil and achieve whitening effect at the same time. Don’t worry, beauties. The following natural whitening facial mask also has a strong oil control effect. Apply it quickly.

1. Banana oil control and whitening facial mask

Banana is a very common fruit in life. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. It has a very significant effect on moistening the intestines, defecating, detoxifying and beautifying the face. Banana is also one of the common raw materials for making natural skin care facial mask. What kind of skin is suitable for banana facial mask? Bananas can help the skin suppress oil secretion, brighten the skin tone and drive away dullness. Therefore, the oily skin with dark yellow complexion is more suitable for applying banana facial mask.

Peel the banana, mash it into mud, dip your finger in an appropriate amount of banana mud, apply it to clean skin, apply a small amount of milk to your face after 20 minutes, and rinse it with water after five minutes. Banana facial mask twice a week can effectively exfoliate oily skin and make skin white, tender and smooth.

2. Yogurt oil control and whitening facial mask

Oily skin is prone to acne due to excessive oil secretion, and yogurt has the effect of alleviating acne and controlling oil. Another significant skin care effect of yogurt is whitening skin. Therefore, beauties can use yogurt to control oil, remove acne and whiten.

Prepare an appropriate amount of fresh yogurt, clean the skin, dip a small amount of yogurt in your finger pulp, gently wipe it on your face, and repeat it. After 15 minutes, clean it with warm water. Yogurt facial mask twice a week is very effective for oil control and whitening of oily skin.

3. Red wine oil control and whitening facial mask

Your skin’s oil control and whitening are the two biggest nursing demands. You can choose red wine to help you.

Prepare a small cup of red wine and a small amount of honey, mix the red wine and honey, mix them well, soak the facial mask paper in it, apply it on the clean skin surface after soaking, and gently massage it. After 15 minutes, clean it with warm water. Red wine with honey can strengthen the moisture of facial mask. It should be noted that this facial mask is not suitable for MM whose skin is prone to alcohol allergy.

4. Milk oil control and whitening facial mask

Milk has a significant skin care effect of whitening and lightening spots. Is milk facial mask suitable for oily skin? In fact, as long as the milk facial mask is used reasonably, it can also whiten and lighten spots, control oil and refresh. You need to mix milk with a small amount of baking soda to double the effect of oil control and whitening.

Prepare an appropriate amount of fresh milk and a small amount of baking soda, fully mix the milk and baking soda, mix them evenly, make them into a mud, apply them on the clean skin surface, gently massage them, and then clean them with warm water after 15 minutes. Milk with baking soda can effectively inhibit oil secretion on the basis of whitening the skin, and two or three times a week is enough.

When summer comes, mm with oily skin always worries about her skin. Therefore, for oily mm, it is advisable to understand some simple care methods for oily skin, so that you can refuse oily light and enjoy refreshing.

cleaning work

Clean your face thoroughly at least twice a day, once in the morning and once before going to bed at night. Before cleansing, wash your hands first. If your hands are dirty or stained with oil, the cleanser will not foam easily. After the facial cleanser is fully foamed, gently apply it to the face. Do not use excessive force, otherwise it will damage the cuticle of the skin. If you have the habit of making up, you must first use makeup remover to remove your makeup, and then use facial cleanser to gently rub it in circles with your fingertips. If conditions permit, after washing your face, immerse your face in ice water with several cubes of ice. It can make pores shrink immediately, increase skin elasticity, and clear your mind and eyes.

moisturizing work

In order to moisturize the epidermis, it is necessary to apply astringent toner immediately after washing your face.

daily maintenance

Daytime maintenance focuses on “moisturizing” care. Hydrophilic lotion can be selected. For oily skin at night, you can choose refreshing evening care products, such as hydrophilic products containing plant ingredients. Women over 30 years old, even with oily skin, should pay attention to nutrition supplement, because oily skin only secretes more “grease”, but it does not mean that other nutrients other than grease are not needed. Therefore, we should choose night nutritional care products containing moisturizing and hydrating ingredients.

special maintenance work

Essence, which contains high nutrition but does not contain oil, is the best choice for night maintenance of oily skin, because the nutrients in essence can give good repair and nourishment to the skin without increasing the burden of oil on the skin. Using essential oil to care for oily skin can not only calm and relax the skin, but also balance the oil; Geranium: it can balance oil secretion, which is very helpful to care for the oil in the T-shaped part. Tea tree and rose grass: it can regulate unbalanced oil secretion, moisturize and eliminate inflammation, and can be used on oily skin with frequent acne. Use skin purification and oil control facial mask: a cream like facial mask with the effect of deep cleaning and oil secretion control. Use it 1-2 times a week to make your skin clean, refreshing and lubricating.

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