The whole cause and method of freckle formation

Spots are our “enemies”, which refer to spots with different colors from those around us. Freckles, black spots, chloasma and age spots make our faces look ugly. Do you know what causes the color spots? How should we freckle? Let’s have a look.

causes of spots

1. Formation of black spots

(1) Ultraviolet radiation is the number one killer of spots. Most people’s melanin deposition caused by exposure to the sun will be discharged with the metabolism of the human body, but some people’s metabolism is slow or some other reasons such as older age will leave behind melanin and form black spots.

(2) Metal poisoning caused by the use of expired or inferior cosmetics, such as lead, mercury, arsenic poisoning, etc.

(3) When the skin is injured, foreign bodies such as dust and ink are embedded in the wound; Use iodine wine and violet solution; Or overeating food containing pigment, such as soy sauce and black fungus, will cause pigment deposition and form black spots.

(3) It’s a question of living habits. Stress, partial eating, lack of sleep and other bad habits will also increase melanin. Therefore, the metabolic rate of the skin of people with unstable sleep time is also poor, which will affect the production of melanin particles.

2. Freckle formation

(1) Genetic factors are the main cause of freckle formation, not necessarily inherited from parents, but may be inherited every few generations. Generally speaking, freckles mostly appear on the whiter face.

(2) When exposed to the sun, the ultraviolet rays in the sun stimulate the pigment cells under the skin to move frequently, producing a large amount of melanin; On the other hand, it damages the normal metabolic function of skin cells, so that melanin can not be smoothly discharged and remains on the skin, or even deposits in the dermis. Therefore, excessive sunlight will aggravate and deepen freckles, but in winter, freckles will gradually fade.

3. Chloasma formation

It is caused by the siltation of the micro circulation between tissue cells, the dissolution and death of cells, and the increase of melanin to form pigmentation. The epidermal layer of the face is the thinnest, the capillaries are the richest, and it is also the easiest to form pigmentation. The pigmentation part is mainly in the basal layer of the epidermis, and the melanin particles are significantly increased. The more serious ones also have more melanin in the melanophagocytic cells of the dermis. Compared with normal, the number of pigment cells is higher, Melanin formation and the activity of melanin particles have different growth.

(1) The imbalance of yin and Yang in the human body is caused by the stagnation of liver qi, resulting in blood stasis on the face; Second, due to weakness of the spleen and stomach, Qi and blood cannot moisten the face, and damp heat rises to the face to form spots; Third, due to insufficient kidney yang, Yang Qi is diffused, and blood stasis forms chloasma on the face.

(2) After pregnancy, the placenta secretes more androgen and progesterone, so melasma is common on the cheeks of pregnant women. However, after the secretion of androgen and progesterone in the body returns to normal after birth, most people’s spots will naturally reduce or disappear.

(3) Drug factors: 9% ~ 20% of women who take oral contraceptives for a long time are prone to chloasma. Some people even have facial spots one month after taking oral contraceptives. In addition, taking drugs for hypertension and diabetes and eating more sensitive foods, such as celery, coriander and carrots, are also prone to chloasma.

(4) Some chronic diseases, such as chronic hepatitis and tuberculosis, will lead to the enhancement of tyrosinase activity and the increase of melanin production, while the body’s ability to exclude melanin will be weakened. Once melanin can not be discharged from the body in time, melasma will also occur on the face over time; In addition, improper use of cosmetics will also aggravate and accelerate the formation of chloasma, which is the cause of many color spots.

4. Formation of pregnancy color spots

In fact, the principle of pregnancy spots is the same as that of stretch marks. They are all due to the special physiological conditions during pregnancy. Changes in hormones during pregnancy will temporarily increase melanin in the body. Melanin is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. The color of hair, skin and eyes comes from it. A few months after delivery, the pigmented part of pregnancy is likely to fade gradually, and the skin should be able to recover its normal color. However, some women’s pregnancy spots will not completely disappear, and some safe measures can be taken to minimize the deepening of skin color.

how to whiten and freckle

whitening and freckle removing method 1

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which is a very powerful whitening ingredient. We can have a glass of lemonade every day, which will make our skin white and clean. We can also apply lemons to our face, but don’t go to the sun after applying. It is best to apply it at night.

whitening and freckle removing method II

Eat more foods that can whiten and suppress the occurrence of melanin, such as mango, carrot, celery, papaya, etc. We should also eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, such as lemon, citrus, strawberry, carrot, etc. vitamin B6 can remove melanin stains. Foods rich in vitamin B6 include chicken, lean pork, egg yolk, fish, shrimp, peanuts, soybean products, etc.

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