How does lemon whiten freckle? What’s the method

As everyone knows, lemonade is also a favorite drink for many women, because lemons can promote metabolism, delay aging, and enhance the body’s resistance. In addition to the effect of strengthening the body, lemon is also a food with very high beauty value. Its whitening effect is quite significant. Moreover, its unique fruit acid composition can soften the stratum corneum and make our skin look white and shiny.

We all know that citric acid has the effect of preventing and eliminating skin pigmentation. Lemon balm, moisturizer and shampoo all need it. Girls usually love to make up, but often use some cosmetics containing lead, which is harmful to skin health over time, and it is easy to form pigment spots on the skin to affect the appearance. The use of lemon type moisturizer or cream can effectively destroy the chemical reaction of lead on the skin, so as to keep the skin smooth and tender.

how to brew lemonade

The lemonade must be light. A piece of lemon with a skin can pour 3-4 cups of water. This kind of lemonade does not have a strong sour taste. It can be drunk without sugar or honey, so it contains less energy. Lemon must be peeled and sliced thin, because the part of the skin contains higher flavonoids, which may be more worth soaking than the lemon pulp. Lemon essential oil is also mainly in the skin. If it is thinly cut, the aroma components in the lemon skin are easy to bubble out. Lemon peel, including other citrus peel, contains some bitter flavonoid substances, such as hesperidin and naringin, but they are also beneficial ingredients. It has a slight bitter taste, which matches with the sour taste. It will quench your thirst when you drink it in hot weather.

Some people say that lemons can’t be soaked in hot water, for fear of losing vitamin C. In fact, the water used for making lemons should not be too cold, otherwise the fragrance will not come out. It’s easy to solve this problem. Just let the lemonade cool a little before drinking it.

Some people have heard that lemonade can whiten, but others have heard that lemonade is a “photosensitive food”, and they are worried that after drinking lemonade during the day, their skin will become spots and black. However, this statement is only limited to online rumors, and we have not seen relevant research evidence. There is even information on the Internet that vitamin C is a photosensitive substance. If this is the case, all fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C. It seems that people can’t eat any fruits and vegetables during the day. Obviously, it is very absurd. From the scientific point of view, the main photosensitive substances in food include chlorophyll, riboflavin and heme. If you eat photosensitive substances, you will grow spots. First of all, you can’t eat red meat (more heme), milk (more riboflavin), green leafy vegetables and kiwifruit (with chlorophyll). It seems that you can only eat grain during the day.

how to eat lemon to whiten

① dried lemon

Fresh lemons have higher nutritional value, but dried lemons are easy to carry. Cut lemons into slices. When you go out or go to work, you can easily whiten them anytime and anywhere.

② lemon juice

If you are at home, you can squeeze lemon into lemon juice, drink a cup at night, and stick to it, your skin will turn white. But don’t drink too much, it’s not good for your stomach.

③ lemon tea

You can make lemon tea from lemon, slice lemon, put it in a cup, add rock sugar, and add boiling water, which is a delicious lemon tea.

④ lemon honey water

Slice the lemon, key two spoonfuls of honey, add white water, stick to drinking, not only delicious, but also white and smooth skin..

nutritional value (benefits)

1. Lemon contains nicotinic acid and rich organic acids. Its taste is extremely sour. Citric acid juice has a strong bactericidal effect and is very good for food hygiene. Experiments show that lemon juice with very strong acidity can kill all bacteria in seashells within 15 minutes;

2. Lemon is rich in aroma, can dispel the smell of fishy smell in meat and aquatic products, and can make the meat more tender. Lemon can also promote the secretion of protein decomposing enzymes in the stomach and increase gastrointestinal motility. Lemon is often used to make cold dishes, cold dishes and pickled foods in Western daily life;

3. Lemon juice contains a large amount of citrate, which can inhibit the crystallization of calcium salt, thus preventing the formation of kidney stones, and even the formed stones can be dissolved. Therefore, eating lemon can prevent and treat kidney stones, reducing and reducing the stones in some patients with chronic kidney stones;

4. Eating lemon can also prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases, alleviate the role of calcium ions in promoting blood coagulation, prevent and treat hypertension and myocardial infarction. Citric acid has the effects of contracting, strengthening capillaries, reducing permeability, improving coagulation function and platelet number, shortening coagulation time and bleeding time by 31% ~ 71%, and has hemostatic effect;

5. Fresh lemon is rich in vitamins and is a natural beauty product. It can prevent and eliminate skin pigmentation and has whitening effect;

6. Raw lemon also has a good anti abortion and anti nausea effect, so lemon is a fruit suitable for women.

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