How should women whiten their private parts? Four recommended methods

Female friends are still very concerned about their appearance. Many women are worried that their skin will turn black. But now many women are not only concerned about their face skin, but also about their private skin. In particular, some women will try their best to whiten their private skin when they feel that their private skin is dark.

What are the ways to whiten women’s private parts

method 1: enzyme crystal whitening

Enzyme crystals, also known as plant comprehensive active enzymes, are fermented from many fruits. By accelerating cell division to eliminate the blackening of the labia, the effect of making the labia pinkish can be achieved. This is the most safe and reliable whitening method, and the effect is long-lasting. It can be used for a variety of private parts.

method 2: pigment whitening

This is a method of using pigment products to whiten private parts. The main ingredients of the product are pigment pigments. The pigment pigments can turn red in a few seconds after they are applied to the skin. However, when you touch them with a paper towel, you can still see the obvious pigment, and it is easy to touch the clothes and skin. Although this method has a fast effect and is cheap, the effect is not lasting and looks unnatural.

method 3: surgical whitening

Now the most common method of whitening women’s private parts is called laser bleaching, which uses laser to remove melanin in private parts. The recovery time after surgery is relatively long, and the operation cost is quite high, generally between 3000 and 10000 yuan.

method 4: natural repair and whitening

This whitening method uses animal extracts as the main ingredients, and by regulating hormones to promote cell metabolism, it can eliminate the melanin of the labia, so as to achieve the goal of natural tenderness of the private part. This whitening method has a long-lasting effect, and the effect is quite good.

How do women whiten their private parts

1. Eat less photosensitive vegetables

Common photosensitive vegetables include celery, coriander, white radish, etc. after eating these photosensitive vegetables, exposure to the sun will accelerate the precipitation of melanin, which will lead to darker skin in private areas. Therefore, we should eat less photosensitive vegetables, which is conducive to the whitening of private parts.

2. Use personal whitening products

At present, there are many private whitening products on the market, many of which have the effect of reducing melanin. The use of these private whitening products can achieve the purpose of reducing melanin, thus achieving the effect of whitening private parts.

3. Eat more vitamin foods

Eating more foods containing vitamins, especially foods rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, can whiten the skin and resist oxidation, thus playing a better whitening effect. Therefore, women who want to whiten their private parts must eat more vitamin foods.

4. Maintenance of private parts

Wear less leggings and thongs, otherwise it will accelerate the precipitation of melanin in private parts, which will lead to the deepening of the color of private parts. If you want underwear, you’d better choose cotton breathable ones. You should change them every day. Remember to expose yourself to the sun after washing. This is beneficial to the health of your private parts.

5. Surgical whitening

Some operations can also whiten private parts. The most common operation to whiten private parts is laser bleaching. The principle is to eliminate melanin in private areas by laser. This method has a fast effect, but it is expensive and has a long recovery period.

Xiaobian’s conclusion: as the saying goes, “one white conceals three ugly things”. Whether it’s white on the outside or white in the private part, female friends want it. After reading the above article, everyone should know how to whiten the private part. Friends who want to whiten can try it.

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