DIY hair accessories tutorial (illustration): simple steps to teach you

In the spring season, we can’t miss the flowers with bright colors, and our beautiful hair can’t lack the ornaments of all kinds of hair accessories. It’s difficult to choose the one you like in the market, so it’s better to learn DIY hair accessories with me.

As the fairies who are proficient in dressing, no matter how long or short their hair is, they will have several hair accessories that are suitable for them or they like. Hair ornaments have become a comparison product for girls. Facing the various kinds of hair ornaments on the market, it is difficult for most girls to choose what they like, so it is better for us to learn how to make trendy new hair ornaments.

When it comes to DIY hair accessories, everyone is worried. They haven’t done it, and they are afraid of doing it badly. In fact, you fairies need not worry. The procedure of DIY hair ornaments is very simple. As long as you follow the procedure and master certain skills, you will definitely make satisfactory hair ornaments.

In the first step, we need to prepare tools, such as scissors, cloth or ribbon for making hair ornaments, hot melt glue, hairpins or hairrings, sewing needles and thread, etc. Here, it should be noted that when selecting the fabric for production, you should want the style to be made in advance. It is better to make a bow. In addition to selecting two pieces of cloth with different colors, you should also prepare the ornaments in the middle of the bow. You can use large diamonds, small ornaments, or even buttons.

The second step is to fit the selected ribbons together. If the ribbons are thick and thin, they can be staggered; If there are thick and thin, you need to put the thin one in the middle of the thick one. In order to avoid single color, it is appropriate to choose different colors. After that, put the ribbon in the shape of number 8. Do not entangle it, but wrap it in Lushun.

The third step is to sew the intersection of the ribbons in the middle. Remember to loop the thread around the middle part after sewing, so that the ribbon will not fall off easily.

Step 4: we shall stick the sewn pattern on the clip or hair ring, and carefully adhere it, so as not to leak the excess hot-melt adhesive.

Finally, choose a big bright diamond or trinket, and stick it to the pattern sewing button with hot-melt adhesive, so that a lovely hairpin or hair circle is completed.

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