Is Na Ying, the voice of China, sharing homemade DIY whitening facial mask? Na Ying, the voice of China, shares her DIY Whitening Facial Mask

Recently, the second season of “China’s good voice” has come again, becoming a popular program in China with a high audience rating. The second season of “the voice of China” is in full swing. Na Ying, as the judge of the good voice of China, certainly has no spare time. I am busy with it almost every day. In her spare time, Na Ying still doesn’t forget about beauty and skin care. Don’t look at Na Ying as such a popular star, but she likes to make DIY facial mask by herself, especially homemade DIY whitening facial mask. MM who want to whiten, come and have a look quickly.

Na Ying said that although there are a variety of whitening facial mask on the market, she still likes to make them herself. Because the facial mask made of natural vegetable and fruit ingredients not only has natural ingredients and no preservatives, but also can bring more comfortable feeling to the skin. Therefore, Naying has always made DIY whitening facial mask.

◆ cucumber egg white facial mask

◎ materials: cucumber, egg white

◎ method: cucumber can be placed in the refrigerator for cold storage in advance. After taking it out, use a juicer to stir the cucumber into a paste, and then add egg white to stir it well.

◎ usage: evenly smear the battered facial mask on your face and wash it after the moisture is completely dry.

◎ effect: cucumber can directly supplement a large amount of water lost by the skin due to sun exposure, and because it is rich in various nutrients, it can enhance the regeneration ability of the skin. Egg white contains a lot of protein, which can also help repair the skin, so it is a well-known post sun repair facial mask.

◆ tomato honey repair facial mask

◎ materials: tomato, flour, honey

◎ method: according to the size of the face, select 1-1.5 tomatoes, wash and peel the tomatoes, and cut them into small pieces. Then mash it in a clean bowl, add honey and flour and mix well.

◎ usage: apply it directly on your face, and wash off with clean water after 20 minutes.

◎ effect: Lycopene and a large amount of moisture contained in tomatoes can help skin absorb moisture and repair damaged skin. It is a very effective post sun repair facial mask. However, it is worth noting that allergic skin should be carefully selected.

◆ watermelon skin facial mask

◎ materials: watermelon skin, honey

◎ method: take an appropriate amount of watermelon skin, cut off the hard and thick green skin, then squeeze the watermelon skin and mix it with honey.

◎ usage: directly apply this facial mask to the skin around the face and keep it for 15-20 minutes before cleaning.

◎ effect: everyone loves the cold watermelon, but the watermelon skin has been discarded. Unexpectedly, the watermelon skin is also rich in water, which can help replenish water for the face and look forward to the rapid cooling effect.

◆ aloe and mint oil post sun repair facial mask

◎ materials: aloe juice, mint oil, chamomile, purified water

◎ method: use aloe juice and dried Chamomile flowers to add water in a ratio of 3:1 and heat them with a low fire. Pay attention to the low fire. When the Chamomile flowers are scattered, turn off the fire and cool them, then add mint oil, stir evenly, pour them into a closed container, cover it and refrigerate.

◎ usage: apply it directly on your face, and wash off with clean water after 30 minutes.

◎ effect: this facial mask has a good effect on repairing after sunburn. Fatty acid and vitamin E are the highest content components in Aloe Vera, and these two components are just nutrients required by epidermal cells, which can repair damaged skin in time.

◆ refreshing Green Tea Facial Mask

◎ materials: green tea (green tea powder), honey, milk, olive oil (optional), flour

◎ method: in a clean container, mix the green tea powder with honey, milk, olive oil and flour, and gently stir until it is paste. Or use fresh green tea to brew and cool, then add the above materials and mix them into a paste.

◎ usage: the paste can be directly applied on the face. If you feel that the concentration is not enough, you can apply a layer of cotton wool or facial mask paper and wash it after 10-15 minutes.

◎ effect: refreshing green tea is very suitable for the use of facial mask in summer. It can quickly help reduce the temperature of the face and gently protect the injured skin. Honey and milk can also promote the healing of the skin. After use, the skin temperature drops and the face becomes smooth.

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