The apron is easy to do, DIY out the style you like

The apron is necessary for cleaning the house. It can be used to protect the cleanliness of clothes and provide convenience for cooking. It has not only cleaning function but also certain decorative function. It can be done manually, so that the apron style is no longer monotonous and the viewing degree is improved.

Many people who do housework have a certain preference for aprons, and many of the styles sold in stores are very monotonous. Therefore, many people who often clean the house will choose to make them by themselves, but they suffer from no tutorials. After reading the following steps, you can learn this simple and beautiful apron tutorial.

To make an apron, you first need some tools, such as brushes, scissors, cloth, needles or sewing machines, and then lay the cloth neatly without wrinkles. Then use a brush to draw lines on the cloth, according to your own size and the required style, and then use scissors to accurately cut the cloth step by step according to the drawn lines.

After cutting, there will be some fine lines, which need to be sewn up with needles and threads. Otherwise, it will not only affect the beauty, but also affect the use, and reduce the firmness of the apron. The needles and threads used need to be selected according to the fabric used. After that, the cut fabric is used as the lanyard of the apron. Pay attention to the length of the rope to avoid the influence of too short on the use and avoid the burden caused by too long. In addition, the lanyard of the neck needs to be slightly wider than the waist.

After that, the pocket can be made. The pocket can be the same as the fabric, or different colors or even different styles of fabric can be used to play different aesthetic roles. If necessary, some lace edges can be used to seal the upper part of the pocket and apron to further enhance the aesthetic feeling. In this way, a self-made style of apron is ready. Wearing the apron made by yourself will make labor more motivated!

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