Early signs of white-collar sub-health

Sub health refers to non disease and non health state, which is a kind of second-class health state (sub-health means second-class), which is the state between health and disease, so it has the titles of “sub-health”, “third state”, “intermediate state”, “free (moving) state” and “gray state”. It is a state of low physiological function between disease and health.

Sub healthy state is also the precursor of many diseases, such as hepatitis, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, metabolic diseases and so on. There are six highs and one low in sub-health people, namely, high load (psychological and physical), hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, high body weight and low immune function. When the body is in a sub-health state, it will always try to report to the owner. Did you notice these signals?

low back pain

In addition to sprain or lumbar muscle injury, low back pain may also be a symptom of cystitis or adnexitis. Once low back pain occurs, go to the hospital for blood and urine tests in time. If necessary, go to the hospital for cystoscopy. During the period of low back pain, you should pay attention to drinking more water, avoid spicy and spicy food, and have the best anti-inflammatory and physiotherapy treatment. In addition, soaking in pumpkin oil or sandalwood oil is also good for improving low back pain.


Do you always cry recently because of a little trivia? If you are not a crybaby at ordinary times, you need to check your thyroid gland. The central nervous system is most sensitive to thyroid hormone imbalance. The initial symptoms are irritability, irritability, crying, insomnia, growing thin despite a good appetite, and menstrual disorders in women.


If you have dizziness, you should first check whether your blood pressure is normal. People of any age may suffer from hypotension, and women are prone to high blood pressure during the age of 35-40. Adjusting eating habits is the first step in daily health care. In addition, we should also do more useful sports, such as swimming and running.

eyes swollen eyes and dark circles under the eyes

Eye swelling and dark circles under the eyes may be the result of long-term fatigue. If edema often occurs, it is time to check the kidney. According to statistics, the probability of women suffering from kidney stones is 1.5 times that of men.


If you sweat more than usual for a period of time, it may be caused by the dislocation of blood vessels and autonomic nerves. If ordinary sedatives do not work, you should consider going to the hospital.

leg swelling

Leg swelling often occurs, and sometimes there is temporary unconsciousness, which is a symptom of chronic venous failure. Usually eat more raw vegetables, which contain fibers that can strengthen the vein wall. Do leg exercises several times a day to prevent leg swelling.

hand and foot cramp

Frequent hand and foot cramps may be due to the lack of calcium and vitamin D in the body, which determine the hardness of bones and muscle contraction. Therefore, we should eat more dairy products, liver and seafood.

often thirsty and want to go to the toilet

I often feel thirsty and lose weight. I always want to go to the toilet. These symptoms are a bit like diabetes. It is necessary to have a blood sugar test. If the examination results are normal, you should also pay attention to eating less or even no sweet and greasy food.

a lot of hair loss

Women are more likely to suffer from scattered hair loss than men. The reason for a large number of hair loss may be caused by psychological pressure, incurable infection or incorrect diet, or it may be caused by some diseases or congenital diseases. Excessive secretion of sebaceous glands or changes in the secretion nature of sebaceous glands may cause hair loss.

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