What are the benefits of playing basketball

Playing basketball is a sport that most boys like. Boys who can play basketball are more popular with women. Moreover, playing basketball is not only for physical exercise, but also for people. So, do you know what’s good for people to play basketball?

1. Discharge wastes from the body

Playing basketball needs to exercise all over the body. When the temperature in the body rises, a lot of sweat will be produced. Through perspiration, the temperature balance in the body can be adjusted, and a large amount of waste in the body can be discharged.

2. Enhance cardiac function

Playing basketball regularly can enhance the function of the heart, increase the pulse output, thicken the middle membrane of the arterial wall, and increase the distribution of capillaries in skeletal muscle and cardiac muscle, which are conducive to the blood supply and function improvement of organs including the heart itself. At the same time, playing basketball can also lower blood pressure, reduce serum cholesterol content, and help prevent hypertension, coronary heart disease and other diseases.

3. Prevent cardiovascular disease

When playing basketball, the muscle activity is tense, the heart work is increased, the blood supply and metabolism of the myocardium are strengthened, the myocardial fiber becomes thicker, the heart wall thickens, the heart volume increases, and the beating becomes favorable, so as to effectively prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases.

4. Control weight

Now many teenagers are troubled by obesity. Playing basketball can control their weight and improve their body shape and appearance, because basketball can reduce fat, enhance muscle strength and maintain joint flexibility. If you want to have a healthy body, it is better to play basketball.

5. Grow taller and improve aerobic capacity

Although playing basketball is good for all aspects of physical development, the biggest advantage should be growing taller and improving aerobic capacity. Because basketball is a “tall man” sport, being tall or jumping high is an advantage. In a competition, the number of jumps can be as high as 200 times, and the biomechanical signal obtained by the bones is “to survive, you must grow up”!

6. Improve responsiveness

Basketball is an open skill sport, which requires athletes to adapt according to the ever-changing moments on the court. Over time, the reaction time was shortened and the reaction ability was improved.

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