Facial whitening: try saline facial washing method. Can saline facial washing whiten your face

1、 Wash your face with salt water

Healthy face washing can help you have healthy facial skin. You should pay attention to reasonable care of your face in life. Salt has bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects. Washing your face with salt water can deeply clean your skin, astringe pores, and even dispel acne. The method is very simple. Just put an appropriate amount of salt in the palm of your hand, and then drop a few drops of water. After mixing, rub and massage on your face until the salt water on your face is dry and white powder. You can wash it with warm water. Washing your face in this way can effectively remove oil and blackheads from your skin, and can also eliminate the steps of exfoliating.

To wash your face with salt, it is best to pay attention to choosing reasonable salt, not just blindly using the salt you eat. It should be noted here that ordinary table salt should not be used, and special salt for face washing or salt with very fine texture should be selected to avoid rubbing the skin. Of course, this is only suitable for people with oily skin. If the skin is dry, it is easy to damage the cuticle of the face if it is cleaned in such a deep layer.

2、 Wash your face with honey

Washing your face with honey is also a healthy measure and has the effect of improving your facial problems. If you have dry skin, you can try to wash your face with honey. Since honey has no decontamination function, it is best to wash your face with facial cleanser first, then take a spoonful of honey and put it in the palm of your hand, dilute it with two or three times of water, stir it, apply it evenly on your face, and wash it with warm water when it is about to dry. This can make the skin more moist and delicate, not easy to wrinkle and elastic.

If honey washing is not carried out, proper red wine washing is also a healthy washing measure. If the honey is diluted with red wine instead of water, and then evenly applied on the face, it can also whiten, lighten spots, resist oxidation and other effects, so that the skin is as delicate as a facial mask. Of course, for the same reason, please wash it within ten minutes.

3、 Green Tea Facial Wash

Green tea not only has a good antioxidant effect when you drink it in your body, but also has a lot of health effects if you wash your face reasonably. Regular drinking of green tea can play a role in preventing cancer and cancer. Its rich tea polyphenols and vitamins have significant effects on scavenging free radicals, antioxidation and radiation protection. If you wash your face with green tea, it can have the same effect on your skin.

Skin care is to pay attention to a lot of facial washing skills, so that we can deal with our facial health well in our lives. If the skin is greasy, you can wash your face first, then apply tea directly on your face, tap it gently until it is absorbed, and then wash it with clean water. If you still have the color of tea on your face, don’t worry, you will find it is gone the next morning. Washing your face like this for a long time can whiten, lighten spots, shrink pores, and make your skin radiant. If your skin is red or sunburned, you can also apply tea water to the sunburned part, which can relieve your skin and pain.

4、 Wash your face with vinegar

Vinegar is not only an important condiment, but also has many health preserving effects in life. Vinegar has the function of softening blood vessels, regulating the pH of the skin, and killing bacteria on the skin. Therefore, washing your face with vinegar is a method that many people like. It can whiten, lighten spots, make skin smoother, softer, tender and elastic. You can drop seven or eight drops of vinegar into warm water, then wipe your face with vinegar water, or directly hold your breath to put your face in vinegar water, pour out the water later, and then carry out the normal face washing procedure. As for the choice of vinegar, you can choose to use white vinegar or rice vinegar.

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