Washing your face with saline has good whitening and rejuvenating effects

1、 Metabolism, whiten skin

Fine salt has a very good effect on removing dirt from the skin. First, take an appropriate amount of fine salt, mix it with a small amount of pure water, and then apply the semi melted fine salt to the skin, especially massage the places where oil is easy to come out and there are black heads. When you feel that the fine salt is slightly discolored, wash it with water. This massage can help to clear the deep dirt of the skin and make the skin more transparent. At the same time, it can also promote the metabolism of the skin and make the skin healthier and whiter!

2、 Excellent sterilization effect, a weapon against acne

Some girls sometimes grow some pimples on their faces or backs, which makes MM’s skin look no longer perfect. Overcoming pimples will have different effects because of the difference of their products, and even some MM will be allergic to them. Using fine salt to kill bacteria can also control acne and make it disappear gradually. And there is no allergy problem. Remove acne when taking a bath, after the pores of the skin on the face and back are opened, the sterilization effect is very good when massaging with fine salt, and then the acne removal effect is achieved!

3、 The best choice for oily skin to control oil

Washing your face with salt water can effectively control the oil problem of your skin and make your skin refreshing all the year round. If your skin is seriously oily and a thick stratum corneum is deposited on the surface of your skin, you can also remove the stratum corneum with fine salt. The fine salt scrub on the skin can clear the excess stratum corneum and effectively compact the skin. Some MM have large pores due to oily skin. This phenomenon can be alleviated in this way.

The effect of washing your face with salt water can be obvious, but you must pay attention to it. First of all, wash your face with water after washing your face with salt water. Don’t leave salt on your skin, which will make your skin less comfortable. In addition, when massaging your skin with fine salt, it’s better to use fine salt. Note that its particles must be very fine. If it’s convenient, it’s best to use beauty fine salt, and don’t force too hard to prevent hurting your skin!

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