How long can the skin recover after laser freckle? How long can the skin recover after laser freckle

The most classical and effective way to remove freckles is laser freckling. Whether it is chloasma, sunburn or freckles, laser treatment can achieve good results, so many urban white-collar workers love this freckle removal method. So, how long can the skin return to normal after laser freckle removal?

What is laser freckle removal?

Laser freckle removal is a non-invasive laser treatment, which is a relatively new treatment method to improve the appearance of damaged, scarred and damaged skin. A series of light waves and devices with different wavelengths have been used for non-invasive treatment and are considered effective. Freckles is a skin disease with increased epidermal pigment, which is related to genetic factors and is an autosomal dominant inheritance.

Pathology showed that pigment granules in basal layer of epidermis increased, but melanocytes did not increase. In the past, freezing, grinding, chemical stripping and cauterization were often used in clinical treatment. If not mastered properly, it is easy to produce skin scars, pigment changes and other adverse reactions.

Recovery time of laser freckle removal

Laser freckle removal can generally restore the skin to normal within 7 to 10 days, and laser freckle removal does not affect people’s normal life. In the process of operation, there will be a slight pain, but most people can tolerate it and do not need to use anesthetics. After each treatment, the skin must have a metabolic process of natural absorption, so the interval between treatments is generally 2 to 3 months.

Can laser freckle leave scar

Only the diseased cells absorb the specific laser, while the normal skin tissue is not damaged, so there is no scar. Advanced laser technology can also control the depth of the skin reached by the laser, and the adjustable pulse can minimize the damage to the skin.

How to care after laser freckle removal

In order to reduce recurrence, avoid sunlight exposure and use of cosmetics after treatment. At the same time, use sunscreen, oral vitamins C and E, and hydroquinone cream. Freckle pigment disappeared, no obvious difference from surrounding normal skin, no scar formation; Remarkable effect: the freckle pigment is reduced, which is different from the surrounding normal skin, and there is no scar formation; The freckle pigment was basically the same as that before treatment, with or without scar formation.

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