How does laser freckle reduce side effects? How does laser freckle reduce side effects

Laser freckle removal is also an operation anyway. Although there is no big wound, there is still a small wound. There will be a burning sensation and a small amount of bleeding at the treatment site. Don’t worry. As long as you pay a little attention after the operation, you can reduce the side effects to zero. Good postoperative care is the last half of a successful operation, so it cannot be ignored.

1. After laser freckle treatment, there will be burning sensation or trace bleeding at the treatment site, so don’t worry too much. After that, there will be scabs, which do not need special treatment. Scabs will generally fall off after 7-10 days. Please pay attention not to remove scabs by force.

2. Just after receiving laser treatment, the facial movements should be gentle and do not use irritating skin care products.

3. Due to the difference of individual physique and skin condition, the reaction after laser treatment is different. Individuals may have some degree of redness and swelling, which can be alleviated by ice compress.

4. The part that has just completed the freckle removal treatment will be very sensitive to the sun. Pay attention to sunscreen within 3 months to half a year after the treatment to avoid pigment deposition.

5. Do not use water on your face for a week. Only use a cotton swab to wipe around your eyes carefully to avoid bacterial infection

6. The affected part should be wiped with repair factor or erythromycin every day to accelerate skin repair.

7. Keep the operation site clean to prevent infection. If there is blood scab or secretion on the wound, it can be wiped with sterile saline.

8. Avoid water on the operation site within 7 days after operation.

9. There should be a quiet and comfortable environment for recuperation after operation.

10. After the operation, the local wound can be pressure bandaged or cold packed with an ice bag, but the pressure should not be too high. In case of continuous bleeding and severe hematoma after operation, follow-up visit to the hospital should be made in time.

11. Avoid eating irritating food, such as pepper.

12. There will be some pain in the wound on the day of operation, but it will gradually decrease with the passage of time. Patients should not rush to take pain tablets, because aspirin drugs will aggravate wound bleeding.

13. Strictly follow the doctor’s instructions to take medicine and follow up.

In fact, every operation may have certain risks. Although laser freckle removal is a non-surgical method, it also has risks. Just for this risk, it depends on how we avoid it. If we take correct and appropriate measures, the risk of laser freckle removal can be completely reduced to zero. Although laser freckle removal is a safe and effective freckle removal method, it may also have some side effects. The side effects of laser freckle removal mainly include: improper laser operation by doctors (unprofessional operation by doctors, improper control of laser intensity, and inaccurate control of treatment depth and time) will cause redness, blisters, and even burns to subcutaneous tissues, which may leave scars. Therefore, beauty lovers who carry out laser freckle removal must choose experienced professional doctors to operate, so that these surgical risks can be effectively avoided.

Although laser freckle removal can not only remove color spots, but also improve the texture of the skin and increase the elasticity of the skin, it is useless for people who are not suitable for laser freckle removal, and it will even increase the risk of surgery. For example, people with scar physique do not recommend any surgery at all, and need to find another shortcut. For every beauty seeker, it is ideal to choose a suitable freckle removing method.

Crusting, redness and swelling, pigment deposition and bacterial infection are all possible side effects. However, as long as we pay attention to it, don’t forcefully remove scabs, stick to ice, do a good job of sunscreen, and ban water can reduce the probability of side effects. There are no ugly women. Only lazy women should wipe the repair factor or erythromycin every day to ensure the perfect effect.

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