How to wash your face correctly to whiten and protect your skin

Washing your face is something everyone must do every day. When you get up in the morning, your mind is still confused in your dream. Wash your face and wake up; Before going to bed, even if I am sleepy, I have to wash my face to remove the dust of the day. For women, washing their faces is a “face problem that can not be ignored”, which is why I put this “face problem” out separately. If I haven’t even washed my face, how can I get beauty.

The first thing to say is the water temperature for washing your face. Some people are lazy and don’t bother to get some hot water to wash their faces directly with cold water. Some people have oily skin and wash their faces with very hot water. In fact, the most suitable is to use warm water, not too cold or too hot. In this way, the pores can be fully opened, and the natural moisturizing oil of the skin will not be excessively lost.

When washing your face, no matter what kind of cleanser you use, don’t use too much, and a good cleanser doesn’t need to use so much. Before applying it to the face, first put the cleanser in the palm of your hand to fully make foam. Many people will forget this step, but this step is the most important. Because if the cleanser does not foam sufficiently, it will not only fail to achieve the cleaning effect, but may also remain in the pores and cause acne. Of course, the more foam, the better, but don’t think that a lot of foam is good. Fake and inferior facial cleanser foam is also very rich.

After applying foam to your face, gently massage it in circles clockwise, gently.

When cleaning, some women are afraid that they can’t wash well. After washing with water, they use towels to scrub desperately. This is really rude to delicate skin, so they still need to gently press it on their face with a wet towel, so that they won’t hurt their skin.

After washing, have you finished washing your face? Not yet! Look in the mirror to check whether there is residual cleanser around the hairline. This step is often ignored by people. It is often seen that some women have acne on the hairline. In fact, this step is ignored.

Finally, you can tap your face a few times with cold water, then put a towel dipped in cold water on your face and apply it for a while to promote facial blood circulation, which can achieve the effect of shrinking pores.

Now, look at you in the mirror again. Your skin is smooth, white and tender. Excited? Then try again? It’s better not to, and it’s not necessary. Washing your face too often will make your skin dry, which has been mentioned before, and I won’t repeat it here.

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