Six ways to wash your face: lemon water for whitening and freckling? How to wash your face: lemon water to wash your face, whiten and remove freckles

Washing your face is an important step before maintenance and something everyone must do every day. The correct face washing method can make the facial blood circulation faster and accelerate the elimination of harmful substances. Here are six tips for washing your face for your reference.

1. Wash your face with lemonade

Efficacy: whitening and freckling + Moisturizing

If you want white and flawless skin, lemon is your must-have. The antioxidant effect of lemonade helps to deal with free radical damage in vivo and alleviate the aging process. It is rich in vitamin C, which can help amino acids synthesize collagen, protect skin and prevent wrinkles from arising early.

Lemonade can also reduce the melanin accumulated in the skin, thus reducing the production of color spots.

Methods: ① after washing your face at home, drop 3 drops of lemon juice on the cotton pad with makeup water, and gently pat the face. This can remove the yellow skin color and dissolve the chemicals in the makeup water, whiten the face, soften horniness and narrow pores.

② Take out the protein part of an egg and add a few drops of lemon juice; Apply it on your face with cotton wool for about 15 minutes; Wash with warm water. Wash, peel and slice a fresh lemon, put it into a jar, add Baijiu and soak the lemon for 1 night. The next day, use sterilized absorbent cotton to dip in the liquor to coat the surface, and wash it with warm water after 15 minutes.

2. Wash your face with tea

Efficacy: prevent wrinkles

There is a magic ingredient in tea – tea polyphenols. It can increase the skin antioxidant level, prevent the damage of free radicals to cells, and promote the growth of skin cells.

Experiments have confirmed that the anti-aging effect of tea polyphenols is 18 times stronger than that of vitamin E, which can effectively prevent wrinkles and delay aging. Tea polyphenols also contain a large number of hydrophilic groups, which are easy to absorb moisture in the air and maintain moisture in the skin. In addition, tannic acid in tea can also alleviate dry skin and prevent wrinkles.

How to do it: after cleaning the face, apply tea to your face, gently pat with your hands, or apply absorbent cotton dipped in tea to your face for 2-3 minutes, and then wash with clean water. You can also wash your face with tea first and then with facial cleanser. After washing or applying your face with tea, you must thoroughly rinse it with water to prevent tea pigment from penetrating into your pores.

Reminder: tea doesn’t need to be too strong, just the concentration of tea in daily drinking. Tea is best brewed in the same day, and overnight tea can also be used to wash your face, but the effect is slightly worse. Tea polyphenols in it will also oxidize to form colored substances, which is not conducive to washing. Green tea is the best tea. Because green tea is not fermented, it maintains the natural characteristics of tea, which has the best effect of preventing aging and cleaning.

In addition to the above two methods of face washing, vinegar water, salt water and rice washing water also have good effects. If you want to know more about face washing techniques, you may as well read on.

3. Wash your face with vinegar water

Efficacy: remove acne and whiten

Vinegar is not only a seasoning for daily consumption, but also a good helper for your beauty. Vinegar can nourish your face and skin, and the effect is very good, without side effects.

Washing your face with vinegar water can increase the moisture and nutrition of skin cells, restore the luster and elasticity of skin, soften the stratum corneum and whiten. It also has the effect of sterilization. For people with rough skin, eating vinegar and bathing regularly can make their skin smooth and delicate.

Method: add a bottle of white vinegar in warm water and mix well. After cleansing, wash your face with white vinegar water, tap it gently, and finally wash it with cold water to shrink pores.

Reminder: vinegar has strong acidity, and it is easy to damage the skin when it comes into direct contact with the skin. When washing your face, you can drop about 7-10 drops.

4. Wash your face with salt water

Efficacy: Battle pox degreasing

Salt water can well remove the oil, acne, exposed “black heads” and horniness and dirt on the skin surface accumulated in the pores of the face. Washing your face with saline has the effect of sterilization and bacteriostasis, which can achieve the effect of deep cleaning, anti-inflammatory and sterilization. Salt also has the effect of fighting acne, which has a good alleviating effect on acne muscles.

Generally, after a week or so of salt beauty, the facial skin can show a fresh marriage and transparent feeling. If salt cosmetic method is applied to the whole body, it can promote the metabolism of the whole body skin, prevent and treat skin diseases, and play a better health care role.

Method: put 1 teaspoon of fine salt in the palm of your hand and add 2-3 drops of water. Carefully stir the salt and water with your fingertips. After washing the fat, dip your fingertips in saline water, apply it from top to bottom on your forehead and cheeks, and massage in a circular shape while applying. Massage 1-5 times in each place.

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