If the diet is wrong, it is useless to whiten. What effect does the wrong diet have on whitening

Many female compatriots believe that whitening mainly depends on the innate skin quality and the skin care products selected after tomorrow. In fact, this is only part of it. In fact, if you eat reasonably, whitening will be more natural. The diet is wrong, so it’s useless to whiten. Foods rich in tyramine acid because tyrosine is the basic material of melanin, melanin is converted from tyrosine through the action of tyrosinase. If tyrosine intake is reduced, the basic material for synthesizing melanin will be reduced, melanin will be reduced, and the skin will naturally turn white. Therefore, we should eat less food rich in tyrosine, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes. Food imbalance: the body fluid of a healthy human body is weakly alkaline. Usually, the intake of acidic food and alkaline food is unbalanced, and the blood tends to be acidic, which brings various discomfort to the human body and promotes the formation of skin pigment spots. Eat more fresh fruits, edible fungi and other foods, and control the intake of meat, wine, sugar and other strong acidic foods is the key to keep the body fluid in a good state of weak alkalinity, prevent and dilute color spots. Photosensitive vegetables such as celery, coriander, fennel and white radish are easy to absorb ultraviolet rays from the sun, resulting in accelerated pigmentation and dark skin. Therefore, you should not eat these vegetables before going out, but

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