Healthy diet is the king way to lose weight? Pay attention to healthy diet to lose weight

“I like bananas very much, so I tried the morning banana weight loss method, but I felt weak during the day, and it was easy to get tired, and then I would eat a lot at lunch…” [Xiaobian explained] although bananas can lose weight, the calories are on the high side. The calories of three bananas are 300 calories, so it is generally recommended to eat one banana every day. At the same time, vegetables and eggs are added to increase nutrition and fully satisfy my stomach. “I tried to replace the staple food with a milkshake, and soon I could lose 3kg! But later my friend said it was not good for my health, so I stopped, and the rebound was very serious!” [Xiaobian’s explanation] generally, vitamins are added to substitute meals, but don’t replace staple foods too much. After all, artificial foods can’t supplement enough nutrition. It is recommended to eat substitute meals once a day. At the same time, eat other weight-loss foods, such as tofu, mushrooms, seaweed and so on, to supplement nutrition. If you can persist, you can also reduce it. “People say that eating carbohydrates will make you fat, so I stopped eating carbohydrates for one month. It did decrease, but once I recovered my intake, it immediately rebounded, and my appetite soared, becoming more absorbed than before!” [Xiaobian’s explanation] carbohydrates are essential substances for the human body, and the daily necessary intake is 100g. Xiaobian does not recommend not eating carbohydrates at all, which will reduce blood sugar and cause health problems. As long as the intake is controlled not to be too much and eaten with vegetables, it will gradually be reduced! “Nine kinds of food, including meat, fish, shellfish, beans, eggs, dairy products, fats, seaweed and vegetables, are well consumed every day, and the daily calorie intake is strictly controlled within 1600 calories. However, no matter how hard you try, as long as you are careless and get fat again, you will always keep reducing and then rebounding.” [Xiaobian’s explanation] it is true that these nine foods are nutritionally balanced when eaten in combination, but if you follow certain rules too much, your stress will accumulate, which will easily have adverse effects. Relax from time to time, and follow your own pace to find the most suitable way to lose weight! “Many vegetables and fruits can lose weight, and many people around me only eat an apple for dinner. Is it really effective? I feel like I can’t stick to it!” [Xiaobian’s explanation] in fact, it is unhealthy to eat a single diet of one or two fruits at dinner. Xiaobian does not recommend it! Although I didn’t eat other food and didn’t accumulate much in my body, I can really reduce it, but the nutrition is seriously unbalanced and my body will collapse soon! It is still recommended to cooperate with each other to reduce the amount of meat and carbohydrates, eat more vegetables and fruits, and eat only one food at all! “I have been on a diet and fasting for a long time, and even tried to drink only tea. After weight loss, my diet immediately rebounded…” [Xiaobian explained] Xiaobian does not advocate this extreme diet method of weight loss, and my body is left vacant for a long time. Once food enters, it will become easier to absorb than before. It is absolutely forbidden! The method of fasting to lose weight has good detoxification effect. It is OK to do it 2-3 times a month. There is no need to fasting every day. “I feel that the method of recording weight loss is very effective, but because of my work, I often eat out and eat with my colleagues. It is really troublesome to record data!” [Xiaobian explained] if it is difficult to obtain food data, then try to choose food rich in vegetables, and pay attention to controlling the food intake when eating out! “Before, the daily calorie intake was controlled within 1000 calories, and I lost 5 kilograms in one month. The goal of 1000 calories was too harsh, and it was difficult to adhere to it…” [Xiaobian explained] the goal of 1000 calories per day was too harsh. This extreme method of weight loss is not only difficult to adhere to, but also counterproductive! In fact, there is no need to limit the daily calorie intake too much. Start with the calories that can be reduced with each meal. Try to reduce 250 calories per meal based on a normal diet.

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