Office ol: beware of brain sub-health

is transient memory loss forgetfulness or premature aging

I rummaged through my bag to get something and forgot what to get; Call a friend to say something. As soon as the phone is connected, you forget what to say… Have you ever had such a phenomenon? And does this often happen to you? Even after a day or two, do you suddenly remember what you are looking for or what you want to say? They often delay their own time arrangement and even affect the efficiency of their work. Is this forgetfulness or premature aging? Let’s hear the opinion of Dr. Wang Jun, Department of Neurology, General Hospital of Chengdu Military Region.

the brain sub-health of white-collar workers is coming

As the mainstay of the society, the Post-70s and post-80s are full of enthusiasm, hard work and active thinking. Of course, they are also facing various pressures in society and life. Readers often reflect that they often have instant memory loss. Is this a manifestation of premature aging? Is it easy to suffer from senile dementia? Dr. Wang Jun briefly said: “this kind of phenomenon belongs to amnesia, which is called temporary memory impairment in medicine. In short, it means that the brain’s thinking ability or retrieval ability is temporarily impaired. It can’t be called a sign of early aging for the time being, but it should be paid great attention to. If the work or life is not improved for a long time, it is likely to enter the ranks of Alzheimer’s disease in advance. White collar workers have long-term anxiety, tension

High pressure will affect the secretion and metabolism of adrenaline and noradrenaline, affect mood, and damage the memory organization of the brain hippocampus. This group of people is prone to senile dementia. “

exercise your brain regularly to eliminate forgetfulness

How can we find the missing memory blank and stop forgetfulness from occurring frequently? Dr. Wang Jun said: “It is a common law in the development of the biological world to be diligent in using the brain. It is the same with the brain. Diligent work and study can often keep people’s memory in good condition. They should maintain a strong interest in new things and dare to challenge. The middle-aged and old people often watch news, TV, movies, listen to music, especially chess and go, which can make the brain concentrate, and the brain cells will be active, thus slowing down aging 。 In addition, properly and consciously recording something, such as favorite lyrics and keeping a diary, is also very helpful for memory. Young white-collar workers may as well arrange an hour of brain training every week to help them get rid of troubles, and at the same time, they can cultivate certain memory habits, such as writing things that must be remembered in notebooks or notes, making a list when going shopping or business trips, Writing the things you have to deal with on your calendar… Are all desirable ways to remember. In addition, association and classification are all good memory habits. “

to adjust the biological clock, nutrition should keep up with

There has always been a nerve center in the brain that manages time, that is, the so-called biological clock. Work, study, activities, entertainment and diet should have certain rules to avoid causing disorder and imbalance of the biological clock. In particular, it is necessary to ensure the quality and time of sleep, which makes brain cells in a state of inhibition and supplements the energy consumed. Wang Jun said: “A good mood is conducive to the coordination and unity of the nervous system, various organs and systems, so that the physiological metabolism of the body is in the best state, thereby feedback enhancing the vitality of brain cells, which is beneficial to improving memory. Sports can regulate and improve the excitation and inhibition process of the brain, promote brain cell metabolism, give full play to brain functions, and delay brain aging. At the same time, increase brain nutrition, eat more vitamin rich foods Foods with vitamins B and C, such as fresh vegetables, and foods rich in mineral choline, such as almonds, walnuts, bananas, grapes, oranges, seaweed, fish, egg yolks, cabbage, etc., can improve memory. Eat less sweet and salty food, which is the main cause of memory loss. As for coffee, it can excite the brain in a short time. If we need to concentrate and remember, we can drink a cup of coffee in advance, but don’t use it often. Drinking it for a long time will easily lead to dependence. “

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