Sub health headache: clear brain and nourish blood

With the acceleration of the pace of modern people’s life, more and more people have various sub-health symptoms due to work pressure and life tension, such as headache, dizziness, activity disorder, irritability, insomnia, memory loss, etc., which seriously affect our daily life and work.

When we go to the hospital for treatment because of these discomfort, we often can’t detect organic diseases. Most doctors will diagnose “tension headache”, “migraine pain” and “insufficient blood supply to the brain”. This is because people are tired and nervous, which cause cerebral vasospasm, blocked cerebral blood circulation, decreased metabolism, dizziness, headache, memory loss, irritability, insomnia and other discomfort.

To deal with this chronic disease, western medicine often takes oral drugs to dilate blood vessels, but the effect is often not ideal. However, traditional Chinese medicine in China believes that human beings are a dialectical and unified harmonious system, and disease is an abnormal phenomenon in the life process. For the above symptoms in the human body, it is believed that they are caused by “blood deficiency and hyperactivity of liver Yang”. Based on the treatment principle of “treating the symptoms if urgent, and treating the root cause if slow”, it is necessary to strengthen the conditioning of the individual’s own functions, and the treatment is “nourishing blood and activating blood, calming the liver and latent Yang”.

The “Yangxue Qingnao Granule” produced by Tianjin Tianshili is mainly based on the traditional “Siwu Decoction”, which has been developed for a long time through addition and subtraction. Among them, the “Siwu Decoction” (Angelica sinensis, chuanxiong, Paeonia alba and cooked land) nourishes blood and promotes blood circulation, cassia seed and Prunella vulgaris clear liver heat. The whole prescription is gentle and plays a role of “nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation, calming liver and latent Yang”. It can expand cerebral blood vessels, increase cerebral blood flow, improve cerebral microcirculation, and increase cerebral blood and oxygen supply, Improve vascular resistance, relieve vasospasm, reduce blood viscosity, anti platelet aggregation, sedation and analgesia. It can better improve dizziness and headache, so it has a good therapeutic effect on migraine and tension headache, and has a good synergistic therapeutic effect on hypertension, cervical spondylosis, cerebrovascular accidents, dizziness and headache accompanying dementia, and cognitive impairment.

Patient 1: female, 36 years old, came to the hospital for treatment due to dizziness and headache for 1 + weeks, accompanied by memory decline, insomnia, mental fatigue and poor appetite. She asked the patient about his recent work pressure, and found no positive signs in physical medicine and nervous system. TCM syndrome differentiation is based on blood deficiency, liver depression, liver Yang up scratching and clearing orifices. The treatment is to nourish blood to nourish yin and Yang, calm the liver and latent Yang, and take Yangxue Qingnao Granule orally. The above symptoms were relieved after one week. It is recommended to continue to take the drug orally for two weeks, and adjust daily work and life to relax.

Patient 2: male, 65 years old, has a history of hypertension for 10 years, takes antihypertensive drugs orally for a long time, has a blood pressure of 130 / 80 ± mmHg, is well controlled, feels dizzy and uncomfortable for 2 + months, accompanied by palpitation, irritability, excessive dreams at night, memory decline, poor appetite, self-measured blood pressure of 130-140 / 80-90mmhg, and comes to the hospital for treatment. Physical examination: blood pressure 138 / 85 mmHg. No positive signs were found in the physical examination of internal medicine and neurology. The tongue is light, the fur is white, and the pulse is thin. According to the syndrome differentiation of traditional Chinese medicine, blood deficiency and hyperactivity of liver yang are treated by nourishing blood and calming the liver. It is recommended to take Yangxue Qingnao Granule orally. After two weeks, the above symptoms were significantly alleviated and the blood pressure returned to normal.

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