The whitening method of the whole body? Whole body whitening method

For the pursuit of fair skin, beauty loving MMS have never stopped and are always working hard with a firm attitude. But can we just test whitening products? Of course not. Let’s take a look at the fastest whole body whitening methods and tips that we have brought to you.

Whole body whitening method 1: Refined Salt + essential oil exfoliation

Prepare 15g of salt and put it into a container. Add 5 drops of orange essential oil and 5 drops of lemon essential oil. Mix the three materials together and use them to exfoliate the whole body during bathing. This can make the skin white and transparent. However, it should be noted that both essential oils have photosensitivity and are not suitable for use in the daytime.

Whole body whitening method 2: take a bath with lemon slices

MM who love bathing can put a few slices of fresh lemon slices in the bathtub. This method can not only eliminate the fatigue of a day, refresh your mind, but also make your skin smooth and smooth. The exfoliating effect of lemon is also very good, which can effectively eliminate the thick cocoons on the heels and elbows, and make the skin white, tender and transparent.

Whole body whitening method 3: Banana + Milk Body Mask

Prepare bananas, whole milk and purified water, and prepare them in the ratio of 3:5:1. First, mash the banana, then add a small amount of whole milk and purified water, fully mix and stir, and finally apply it on the skin of the whole body. After 20 minutes, clean it. As long as you use it once, you can feel the skin become tender and moist.

Whole body whitening method 4: eat more cherry, lemon and other fruits

Food whitening is also a very important whitening method, oh, the internal whitening effect is better. Use more whitening foods, such as lemon, cherry, kiwi fruit, grapefruit, etc. they are rich in vitamin C, which helps to whiten and ruddy the facial skin, effectively resist the formation of melanin, and keep the skin white and transparent.

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