What are the methods of skin whitening? What is the method of skin whitening

Now, white and smooth skin is not only the pursuit of beauty loving women, but also many men have begun to pay attention to their external image. What are the methods of skin whitening, the little tricks of skin whitening, and how to whiten the skin? Today, Xiaobian will introduce some whitening methods and tips to you. Let’s understand.

Self made Whitening Facial Mask

1. Dissolve the vinegar and salt in water in the ratio of about water: white vinegar: salt = 9:3:1. Wet the towel with the mixed solution and rub it on your face once in the morning and once in the evening. (if you want to rub it more than once or twice, it’s OK.) the effect is good, and the effect is quick. The skin will turn white and the acne will disappear.

2. Fry strawberries into juice and add egg white. Wipe it every 2 ~ 3 days.

3. Add pearl powder after mixing with water and honey. After several times of use, your face will be white and tender!

4. The simplest, cheapest, most convenient but very, very effective whitening method (personal experience) is to make bananas into a paste (must be bananas, can’t be replaced by bananas), then pour in whole milk, and then add a small amount of water. The ratio of these things is about 2:5:1, then put them on your face, then gently pat your face, and finally don’t do anything. Wash it off in 20 minutes.. What did you find? Is it a white circle.

Life Whitening Tips

1. Wash your face with rice washing water

When washing rice every day, leave the first and second washing water, let it clear slowly, and then take the clean water part on it to wash your face, so that your face can become white and delicate. This kind of rice washing water is more suitable for oily friends, because after washing your face with it, your face will not be too bright. Note: after washing your face with rice washing water, wash it with 3 times as much water.

2. Milk on the face

Put a few drops of water into the bottle or bag of the finished milk, shake it well, pour it into the palm of your hand, smear it on your face, and then wash it with water 5-6 minutes after application. If this method is used for a long time, the face will become increasingly white and tender. It is more effective if it is used after bathing.

3. Whistle

Whistling can affect the full movement of the head and face muscles, thus reducing facial wrinkles and slowing the pulse.

4. Daily habits help whitening

(1) When you want to sleep, cut the cucumber thin and put it on your face. Take it off in a few minutes, and your face will be white and tender in a month.

(2) Before going to bed, completely soak your face with the cheapest cotton pad and make-up water, apply it to your face for 20 minutes, three times a week, and your skin will be bright and clear!

(3) Get up every day and drink two glasses of water, one of which is added with some salt, which can clear the intestines and stomach.

(4) Be sure to use tea and sunscreen before going out, and remember to remove your makeup immediately when you go home.

(5) First wash your face with warm water and then cold water, which will make your face clean and pores smaller.

(6) Be sure to drink more water and not stay up late, eat less fried things, and keep your skin clean.

(7) After washing your face every night, pour Yakult on the cotton pad and apply it directly on your face, or even on your forehead and chin. It not only removes spots and whitens, but also uses about one sixth of a bottle of Yakult each time.

Skin Whitening Tips

1. Wash your face alternately with hot and cold water

Washing your face often with cold water can give your skin a chance to exercise, make women’s skin more compact, and washing your face with warm water can dilate capillaries. If you wash your face by alternating hot and cold water, you can combine the advantages of the two washing methods, which can not only clean the skin, but also promote blood circulation, so as to achieve the effect of beauty and skin care.

2. Learn to sleep

“Time sharing maintenance and late night beauty” actually means learning to sleep beauty sleep. In real life, many women have the bad habit of staying up late and sleeping late the next day. Although such sleep time may not be less than 8 hours, it is past the best time for skin maintenance. In particular, missing the detoxification time of the liver is more likely to cause melanin deposition of the skin, which is not conducive to beauty. Therefore, it is recommended that female friends should follow the life principle of “resting at sunset”.

3. Be a smiling woman

Putting on a bitter gourd face every day will not only make others look disgusted, but also make your skin dry and dull. If you can keep smiling, you can at least give people a better impression, even if you can’t make your skin look obvious white.

4. Apply cucumber before going to bed

As we all know, cucumber can improve beauty because it contains the highest moisture and vitamins, and natural cucumber has the whitening effect. In fact, in addition to cucumbers, there are many things in life that can whiten. However, I personally think that if there is a trustworthy facial mask, it will be better to directly use facial mask for beauty.

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