Skin whitening method? Skin whitening methods

It is the wish of many dark skinned mm to have snow-white and fat coagulated skin. In fact, the skin is naturally black and white. We should start from the details of life, and long-term persistence will be effective. Let Xiaobian teach you how to turn your natural black skin into white!

7 tips to make skin whitening easy

Whitening Tips 1: homemade honey Whitening Facial Mask

Facial mask material: 1 egg, 2 tbsp honey, proper amount of flour and a small amount of pure milk

Making steps: first open the egg, just the egg white. Then add honey and milk, and stir them together in a mixer; Finally, add the flour and continue to stir.

Usage: before applying the facial mask, clean the facial skin, then evenly smear the facial mask on your face, lie down and enjoy it for 15-20 minutes, and finally wash it with clean water.

Facial mask effect: honey and milk can whiten the skin, replenish moisture to the skin, while egg white can dispel wrinkles and make the skin more elastic. After using the facial mask, the skin tone will brighten a lot in an instant!

Whitening Tips 2: eat whitening food

Cherry and tomato are common and effective whitening foods. Cherry contains many nutrients, including sugar, protein β Carotene, iron, etc. Eating more cherries can make one’s face ruddy, and it can really turn red in white, and several will be very delicate and elastic; Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, minerals, carbohydrates, organic acids and proteins. The whitening effect of tomatoes is really amazing. If you want to whiten yourself, eat one tomato every day!

Whitening Tips 3: life habits should be regular

A healthy body can not live without a regular life, and a regular life can also strengthen the effect of beauty maintenance, sufficient sleep time, eat more green and healthy food, eat less spicy and unhygienic food, and do not stay up late to work overtime. All these will make your skin better and better.

Whitening Tips 4: do a good job in sunscreen

It is ultraviolet rays that directly lead to the darkening of beauties. You are black enough. Don’t “add black to black”! Even if it’s winter, we should do a good job in sunscreen, because ultraviolet rays exist all year round! You must get sunscreen, sunscreen and sunshade ready when you go out.

Whitening Tips 5: wax gourd yellow rice wine cream wiping method

Take the fresh wax gourd, peel and cut it into pieces, put it into the pot, add yellow rice wine and water, cook it until it is paste, put it into the refrigerator after drying, and store it in the refrigerator. Take an appropriate amount of it every night to wipe the skin, remove it after 1 hour, and the skin will obviously turn white one month after use!

Whitening Tips 6 crystal sugar orange peel vinegar whitening

Put 100g rock sugar and 50g tangerine peel into the bottler’s vinegar. After brewing for three weeks, drink a little every day (no need to put it in the refrigerator). This method can lighten and whiten spots and dissolve melanin.

Whitening Tips 7 whitening method of white nuts

White nuts are sweet, bitter, astringent and dry in nature. White fruit acid can inhibit some skin fungi in vitro. Therefore, external use can treat a variety of skin diseases that hinder the capacity of the head, face, hands and feet, delay skin aging, and prevent rough skin. Mash white nuts into liquid paste and apply it on your face to make your skin soft, smooth, white and delicate.

Four traditional Chinese medicine whitening prescriptions are very effective

Complete whitening formula of traditional Chinese medicine. As the saying goes, “whiteness” is the strong pursuit of beauty lovers. Some people even go to whiten at high prices, but they can never achieve the effect of whitening. In fact, whitening does not need to cost expensive money, nor is it as complex as imagined.

Chinese medicine Whitening Tips 1: cucumber skin beautifying facial mask

1. First put the cucumber into the juicer for juicing, and then pour the squeezed cucumber juice into a small bowl.

2. Then put egg white, pearl powder and a proper amount of flour into the cucumber juice to make a paste, with no downward flow as the standard.

3. Wash your face thoroughly first, evenly smear the prepared paste on your face, wash it with clean water after drying, and then apply skin softener and skin care products to your skin. The best effect is 1-2 times a week.

Chinese medicine whitening prescription 2: potato Whitening Facial Mask

Potatoes contain a lot of vitamins, which can promote the growth of skin cells, maintain the gloss of skin, bleach the melanin under the skin, not only help whiten and tender skin, but also reduce summer sunburn.

1. First, wash the potatoes, peel and cut them into pieces, and then put them into a juicer for juicing.

2. Add about 1 / 3 cup of fresh milk into the container, and mix in an appropriate amount of flour to make a paste. Then it can be used as a facial mask.

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