What are the ways to whiten skin? What is the method of whitening skin

Causes of men’s black and coarse skin:

1、 Natural melanin secretes more, and skin melanin is easy to accumulate.

2、 Overexposure to the sun causes excessive secretion of melanin cells. If there is no care and maintenance, the skin will be dry and astringent, and melanin will accumulate and precipitate, which is difficult to metabolize and attach to the epidermis.

3、 Most of the skin is dark and yellow, not shiny enough, which is a side effect caused by improper use of skin care products and cosmetics or by rubbing products with strong medicinal ingredients.

4、 The skin has strong secretion, is prone to acne, clogged pores and dirt, resulting in thick horniness; Melanin is easy to accumulate, resulting in dark skin, decreased metabolic rate and insufficient cell activity.

Male whitening method

1. Diet

Eat more information rich in vitamin C and less food with strong photosensitivity.

Foods with vitamin C, such as fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, lemons, hawthorn, etc., are foods with high vitamin C content, while vegetables such as carrots and celery are foods with strong photosensitivity. Therefore, try to eat less in daily life.

2. Do a good job in sunscreen

If you can’t go out to get the sun, don’t go out. Of course, if you have to go out, you must wear sunscreen and take sunscreen tools. Even if it’s rainy or cloudy, you can’t avoid sunscreen. Because the evil ultraviolet rays are everywhere, doing a good job in sunscreen is the key to whitening.

If you have to be exposed to the sun all day, you should also take a good bath, massage your whole body gently, and smear your whole body with skin cream after you get home.

3. Get enough sleep

Properly relieve the pressure, which will make a woman’s face grow spots and lose the elasticity of her skin. Therefore, friends who want to whiten should listen to more music and sleep more every day, and turn white a little in their sleep.

4. Control your temper

Don’t be angry. It only hurts your health. Anger will also affect a person’s skin health. If you smile everyday, the whole person will become white.

5. If you want to whiten, you should also keep plenty of water

Drinking more water is conducive to expelling toxins from the body. If you can keep drinking a cup of cool boiled water on an empty stomach in the morning, or add lemon slices to the water, the whitening effect will be better.

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