Adjustment methods to get rid of sub-health

Sub health refers to a state between health and disease, that is, there are some functional disorders in the muscle, but the exercise of social functions is not affected, and subjective discomfort is felt. Here’s how to get rid of sub-health?

It is a transitional stage between health and disease. There is no disease physically and psychologically, but there are many uncomfortable symptoms and psychological experiences subjectively. First, I am weak and tired easily; Second, the mind is not fresh, the face is painful, the eyes are tired, the nose is stuffy and dizzy, the ears are tinnitus, and the throat feels foreign bodies; Third, poor sleep, cowardice, shortness of breath, numbness of hands and feet; Fourth, getting up in the morning has unpleasant feelings, chest tightness and discomfort, neck and shoulder stiffness, upset and so on.

Adjustment methods to get rid of sub-health state:

Be kind to stress. The reason why people feel tired is, first of all, that emotions make their bodies tense. Therefore, we should learn to relax and free ourselves from tension and fatigue. To establish a practical goal orientation, we must avoid psychological pressure caused by unrealistic self expectations. In order to survive in society, there are inevitably many troubles and twists. We must learn to cope with various challenges and maintain psychological balance through psychological adjustment.

Cultivate interest. Hobbies can increase your vitality and interest, and make your life more full, vibrant and colorful. Healthy and beneficial cultural, entertainment and sports activities can not only cultivate self-cultivation and character, but also help treat some mental diseases and prevent the transformation of sub-health.

Balanced nutrition. No food can fully contain the nutrients required by the human body. Therefore, we should not only eat delicacies and seafood, drink milk, but also eat coarse grains, miscellaneous grains, vegetables and fruits. Only in this way can we conform to the concept of scientific, reasonable and balanced nutrition. A reasonable diet will reduce the incidence of diseases.

Ensure sleep. Sleep is closely related to everyone’s health. Experts have studied that sleep should account for about 1 / 3 of human life. Nowadays, lack of sleep caused by work or entertainment has become the most common and serious problem affecting health. It is worth being highly vigilant and determined to ensure adequate sleep.

The adjustment methods to get rid of sub-health include outdoor activities. Modern highly developed material and cultural life makes some people have air conditioning, television and computers indoors, and take cars when they go out, so that they are far away from the sun and fresh air, often in a depressed and depressed state. Therefore, it is very beneficial to regulate the nervous system to take one and a half hours every day to get away from the noisy cities, go to the suburbs for illumination, and breathe the fresh air with high negative oxygen ion concentration.

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