Staying in bed for 5 minutes in winter is good for health

It’s cold in winter, and many people will form the habit of lying down. Is it good to lie down?

After a night’s sleep, most of the muscles and ligaments of the human body are in a relaxed state. They wake up and get up immediately. They lack the time to transition from a calm state to an active state. Sometimes, problems will occur, such as dizziness caused by blood pressure fluctuations, and pain in patients with low back and leg pain, cervical or lumbar bone hyperplasia will intensify.

Staying in bed properly can also be a good habit. Staying in bed first and doing some exercise in bed can not only avoid these problems, but also increase fitness opportunities.

staying in bed for 5 minutes in winter is better for your health.

It is better to get up slowly than quickly in winter. Especially for patients with insufficient blood supply to the brain, cervical spondylosis and cardiovascular diseases.

The correct way is to spend about 5 minutes lying in bed first: lying on your side and breathing deeply, yawning, stretching, moving your limbs, and then slowly sitting up, dressing and getting out of bed. It can avoid causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and even accidental death.

Because when sleeping and lying flat, the blood circulation in the body is relatively smooth. If you get up immediately, the blood flow is still slow, and you can’t deliver oxygen to the brain at once. If the blood pressure does not come up, you will have uncomfortable symptoms such as dizziness. Stay in bed for a while, so that muscles and blood can slowly adapt to normal conditions, which is beneficial and harmless.

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