Five kinds of women are the most mysterious in men’s eyes

1. Don’t talk too much about yourself.

If you tell him everything from your birth to now, you have no mystery about him at all. Therefore, if you mention your own affairs, you should insist on not saying a certain period or some topics, and perform for a blank period of time. For example, you deliberately do not say anything about sisters. You can pretend to be surprised and say, “didn’t I say that?”

2. Never let him go to his home.

After a date, the man usually sends the girl home. At this time, you can specify that he will only take you to the station or alley, and never explain the reason to the other party. This practice can also create a sense of mystery. After a period of time, you can find an excuse to explain to him that you are afraid of being gossip around your home.

3. Make up something you hate to do

If you have a special hobby, such as never going to a park or visiting a busy street, without explanation, it will make the other party feel mysterious and confused about you. Of course, this special hobby can be fabricated, as long as it does not harm the elegance, and it can be explained a little later.

4. Farewell techniques

Always saying goodbye at a certain time, always saying goodbye to each other in the same place and at the same time, can also create a sense of mystery. For example, when you are dating at night, no matter how happy you two have fun, as long as it is 9 p.m., you say it’s time to go home. If it is so continuous, the other party will feel inexplicable and incredible.

5. Create the illusion that we often meet by chance

The superman in the American film Superman does not usually show his superman identity, but he always suddenly becomes Superman in front of the woman he secretly loves. Although it is impossible for ordinary people to suddenly change their identity and appear in front of their lovers, it is also mysterious if they can suddenly appear in front of them. When he comes home from work, he pretends to meet him suddenly, giving the other party the illusion of “often meeting by chance”. If he can make the other party feel that there seems to be a red line between you and him, it will be natural.

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