How many ways can you make your white skin attract his eyes? I’ll teach you a few tricks to make your white skin attract his eyes

Step 1 of whitening: thoroughly remove makeup

Maybe MM who loves makeup doesn’t know that makeup is the biggest enemy of whitening engineering. Some of the cosmetics we use contain some chemicals. If we don’t completely remove our makeup, it will accelerate the deposition of melanin on the face. It seems simple to remove makeup, but it requires a lot of knowledge. To choose suitable makeup removal products, you should choose mild products in the morning or only wash your face with water. In the evening, you should choose products with strong cleaning ability. You can choose foam cleanser or scrub cleanser according to your own situation. Then apply a hot towel to your face for 3-5 minutes, which can open the pores, so that the cleansing products can enter the deep pores and take away the color and dirt in the deep pores. Then wet the face, rub the scrub facial cleanser in the palm, and the foam facial cleanser can use a foaming ball to make foam in the palm. Apply the facial cleanser in the palm to the face for about 2 minutes, and finally rinse it with clean water.


Step 2 of whitening: start with moisturizing

Do you think moisturizing and whitening are two different skin care concepts? Not really! Moisturizing is the key for skin to appear white and bright. When the skin is short of water, the cuticle will be too dry, resulting in confusion of skin texture and dullness. Only when enough water is locked in the skin can it look brilliant. Otherwise, the skin color is dark, and there is no whitening. How to moisturize and brighten your skin? To do a good job in moisturizing, first of all, we should ensure that we drink enough water every day, and don’t let ourselves be in a state of water shortage. Then we should use high-efficiency moisturizing products to tightly lock the moisture, or choose Spray Type moisturizing products to spray when the skin feels dry, which has a significant moisturizing effect and can keep the skin moist and white at all times.


Step 3 of whitening: choose a suitable whitening essence or face cream

Using essence or face cream with whitening ingredients to improve skin tone is a traditional way of whitening. Which is suitable for your whitening essence or face cream? It depends on your skin type. Now let me tell you which ingredients have whitening effects, so that you will not blindly choose and follow when choosing products.

1. Inhibit melanin, vitamin C derivatives are the best;

2. To lighten and reduce color spots, pomegranate seed essence is the first choice;

3. Effectively inhibit the production of melanin, control or stop the transmission of melanin, and select mulberry essence;

4. M-tranexamic acid can improve skin quality, improve skin immunity and whiten skin;

5. Fade melanin, inhibit the production of melanin, fade spots, activate skin, whiten skin, make skin say goodbye to dullness and dullness, and choose arbutin.


Step 4 of whitening: do a good job in sunscreen and consolidate whitening results

How about the whitening effect? Sunscreen is an important step. Only by doing a good job in sunscreen can we resist the invasion of ultraviolet rays and prevent melanin deposition. The reason is that the effect of some products with whitening ingredients will weaken under the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, or chemical reactions harmful to the skin will occur, which is why many whitening products will explain to apply sunscreen or isolation products after use. Therefore, for MM who want to whiten, isolation and sun protection must not be relaxed, let alone ignored.

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