This kind of woman is most favored by men

It was all girls at first.

I like to wear a white dress with long hair and bangs on my forehead, which can hide my eyes so as not to reveal my feelings. Like poetry, novels and music, recite Jane Eyre’s classic dialogues thoroughly: we are equal! Our souls are equal He was also thinking about the realm in Qiongyao’s novels. The male protagonist’s eyes flashed “discomfited enthusiasm” and shouted, “I only love you, so deeply and so crazy!”

Eh, is it to insist on equality and independence between men and women, or to enjoy the hard pursuit and good care of men? This is no contradiction.

When I grow up, some people will become big women and some will become small women.

The big woman walks on the left and the small woman walks on the right

The big woman loved me again and again. Every time she insisted on paying her own bills and never owed each other. When she bought a house, she advocated AA. When she lived together, she honestly paid for her living expenses, bought small furniture and household appliances, and was tired to pay her mortgage. She did not complain and was willing to love. What was the result? Either he was scared away by the bravery of the big woman or he found another dependent bird. He rummaged through his pockets and pulled out a stack of thin banknotes as severance pay. If you want to worry more, he said earlier: you can treat me as unpromising. Anyway, you have always been strong and independent, and your career has developed. She can’t live alone without me.

The little woman was chased and loved like glue. She got married as soon as she graduated, and had children as soon as she got married. She became a yellow faced woman at home early. She had nothing to do with sitting on the toilet and reading novels and essays. She felt that it was not as interesting as the big sale in the nearby supermarket. Little women are men’s nurses, cooks, nannies, blowouts, and mothers. In short, they are not the gentle springs and sweet roses written in the original love letters. One of the men was fired carelessly, and the little woman had no choice but to cry her eyes out and hate her bad life. When a man got rich carelessly, the little woman began to worry: what if he was obsessed with me hanging or jumping off a building?

Big women look down on small women: they have no self at all and are rice worms who take men as meal tickets.

Little women don’t like big women: they don’t have any feminine taste. Wait to be an old aunt.

The big woman envies the little woman: whenever I can have a home, I can hide behind a man to protect myself from the wind and rain.

The little woman is jealous of the big woman: she makes her own money and spends her own money. She will never ask for anything with others to make up for her smile.

The big woman complains to the small woman: it’s good that men don’t get some benefits from you now. It’s hard for you to wait for them to do something for you. Although I have hands and feet, I feel sad how much I earn.

The little woman cried to the big woman: do you think it’s easier to answer a boss than to be a project manager? Not at all. Time and family are limited, and there are so many little girls outside. If he is tempted, I will die.

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