10 magic weapons to easily pass the tired period of love

1. Home is not a reasonable place.

This sentence is a truth that I understand after years of arguing with my wife. It is impossible for a husband and wife not to quarrel, but they must not pester with each other over a small matter. They must make it clear. Some things do not need to be made clear, and it will not work well if they are made clear. At the same time, don’t ask the other party to admit his mistake, even if the truth is on your side. Because there is no victory or defeat in a quarrel between husband and wife, there is no need to distinguish between winners and losers. Instead, we should turn a blind eye; Not only that, but also need to use your true feelings to maintain in order to maintain a real home.

2. Be honest

When men are socializing outside, they sometimes like to hide the truth and tell some lies to their wives. In fact, as long as it does not involve work, there is no need to make up such pretexts as “in a meeting” and “working overtime” to deceive my wife. Because it often takes ten sentences to cover up a lie, and it’s hard to avoid making mistakes. How tired.

3. Skillfully be “hen pecked”

There is nothing wrong with a proper “henpecked wife”. A “henpecked wife” family can often last for a long time. At the same time, such men often know in their hearts that their wives bear a lot of hardships and tiredness, so they are willing to be “henpecked”. Many times, they refuse some non important parties, but come home from work to help their wives with cooking, cooking, washing dishes and other household chores. Not only that, this kind of man is often not fussy.

4. Don’t criticize your wife’s nagging

Generally speaking, women are more talkative and nagging only in front of the men they like. Maybe a man was having trouble at work that day, or just had trouble with his colleagues, but his wife was chirping in front of you like a tireless bird, which made your mood more irritable. But you must not criticize her too much. You just need to say to her: honey, I am very tired. Let me have a rest alone.

5. Men should bear the responsibility of supporting their families.

A man bravely assumes the responsibility of supporting his family. No matter whether his wife is independent or dependent, even if his wife is working like you now and receiving more or less salary every month, you should regard yourself as the pillar of the family! When his wife came home tired and had to cook, the man would say, “it’s so hard. I’ll take care of you!” A wise wife will also think of your hard work. If you get care and recognition, your wife’s work will be more energetic!

6. Remember anniversaries.

On your wife’s birthday, all kinds of festivals and anniversaries, you may as well not celebrate them with flags and drums, but remember to give her gifts; You may as well not give her a gift, but you should invite her to have dinner with you; You may as well not invite her to dinner, but remember to bring her a bunch of flowers; If you think sending flowers is wasteful, buy her some snacks she likes; It’s ok if you don’t buy snacks, but remember to call her and send her a meaningful text message in the worst case. If you forget to send a text message, then wait for her to complain about you.

7. Be careful with your wife

In the days of her physiological cycle, men must be careful, pay attention to her wife’s diet, and make some blood nourishing food for her appropriately. She will certainly feel happy.

8. Know how to praise

A man must praise his wife. Who can you praise if you don’t praise his wife? Unless you’re crazy.

9. A gentleman speaks without action

If a man fights because of a couple’s quarrel, he will be despised by everyone. In that case, your marriage will be in danger.

10. Both parties make common progress

Women should learn to enrich themselves, and men must encourage them. In this way, a certain balance between them can be maintained for a long time, and the gap will not be too large. Can you imagine a graduate student living with a person who has not graduated from primary school? In fact, women should coax, but not spoil – this is the experience accumulated by men from long-term life! Coax is not deception. Although coax and deception are often combined, they are called coax. But there is still a difference between coaxing and cheating. When a man coaxes a woman, it is almost the same as when an adult coaxes a child. Smart men know the weaknesses of women and the truth of “women are easy to coax”. They often coax a woman like a child with one mouth. Women always need compliments, good words and exaggerated appreciation.

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