Women should never do five things with him

No.1 shopping

Shopping is a very pleasant thing for women, but it is torture and torture for most men. Scientific research has proved that some men’s blood pressure will suddenly rise when they go shopping with women, resulting in chest tightness and poor breathing. More surveys show that more than 90% of men are unwilling to go shopping with women. From this, it can be seen that shopping with women is a roadblock for men on the road of marriage emotion.

In addition, she will try a dress of different colors three or four times. If I ask this and that, she will not be happy as long as I answer it late. She will deal with it casually. She will say that I am perfunctory. But how can there be no aesthetic fatigue after watching too much? I can’t tell the truth, so every time I go shopping with her, it’s a harbinger of our quarrel.

No.2 chat with parents

In addition to shopping, it is especially easy for men and women to have conflicts when talking about their parents together. I thought that the two of us were chatting together because we were both a little free and had a good mood and feeling. However, while chatting, women always talk about their parents unconsciously, so even small problems become big problems in terms of parents. Both sides emphasize that their parents are better and more important than the other’s parents

However, many men can make concessions on many issues, but they feel guilty about their parents. On the one hand, they are born careless, and on the other hand, they do not have time and energy to deal with some details. Originally, it was nothing for a man if he didn’t mention it, but once he said it, it was hard to say that he was a little emotional.

Therefore, in the absence of a good environment, women should try their best not to mention parents’ problems. If they do, they should also look at the time. Otherwise, most of them will be laborious and thankless.

No.3 drinking and boasting

Drinking and boasting is a way for many men to decompress, just like women like shopping and eating when they are in a bad mood. However, in real life, there are many women who do not understand this point of men. As long as a man goes out to drink, she is worried and unwilling to let him eat and drink with some good friends. She always thinks that it is not good for men to be together.

Therefore, when a man asks to go out for entertainment, he always likes to follow as much as possible. But when the woman followed, the husband was repressed and not free. It was inconvenient to say what he thought he could boast. When he said it, the woman would step on his feet and wink at him.

There are also some stupid women who will try to test out some “secrets” from their drinking in front of their friends

No.4 work

I have a friend who works in the same unit as his wife and works in the same office. So, today, Zhang San sent a little gift today. She wants to ask. Tomorrow, she will complain that you and so and so shouldn’t talk in that tone. The day after tomorrow, she has another form that she can’t do and wants you to help. Moreover, you can’t speak loudly when you say she is here.

Fortunately, at the beginning of this year, he finally got promoted with excellent results through his own efforts and was finally transferred from that office. In his words, this is the greatest gift of God to him in the past five years!

No.5 watching Korean dramas

To be honest, Korean drama is the biggest fear of many men. My wife’s spiritual trauma caused by this still hurts me. The most unforgettable thing is that her expression of crying and laughing when watching Korean drama not only ruined a lot of paper towels, but also really polluted the living environment. Originally, I wanted to escape from the side, but she would not let me. She would pull me on the side and keep asking me: if you were him, would you do the same to that woman? If we are old, will you treat me well?

In a word, you can’t avoid it if you want to, and you can’t answer it if you don’t answer it. But you answer more questions. So, I’m really afraid of Korean dramas. I don’t know if other men feel the same way. Fortunately, my wife has improved recently. When she watched Korean dramas, I excused myself and she didn’t force me to watch them with her anymore.

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