How to see through a man’s love bottom line

As for the “bottom line”, we often hear about psychological bottom line, defensive bottom line, moral bottom line, personality bottom line, academic bottom line, professional bottom line, and official bottom line

Bottom line, as a sociological, economic and psychological term, refers to the lower limit of the threshold that people can bear or recognize when negotiating in social and economic life, or the minimum goal and basic requirements of the desired goal set before a certain activity.

In love, men and women will also set a bottom line for themselves. For example, many women’s sexuality will restrict men’s income to no less than how much, and their height to no less than how much; And men will also limit women’s appearance, education, figure, and so on. Once it falls below these bottom line requirements, you can’t touch it if you want. Due to these external conditions, many men and women have become leftovers.

In addition to the limitations of external conditions, men also have other bottom lines for love. When you find that the other party is the lover of your dream, you may as well know his love bottom line first, which will help you to successfully approach him and start your romantic love. Let’s have a look today.

1. Don’t lose yourself

Don’t think that love is two people becoming one. When love is strongest and most beautiful, it is because the other side can strongly feel your different personality from others. Your unique self is the most basic reason for attracting the other side.

After falling in love, many people will constantly discover the shortcomings of each other and ask each other to improve. In fact, when you identify other people’s shortcomings, you always make comparisons with self-centered as a reference. You think you are right and let others improve according to your standards.

It’s hard to change a person. Besides, is your standard completely correct? If the other party blindly improves according to your standards, she will only become the other you in your mind and your shadow in the end, not the original one. Can she still arouse your love?

Therefore, no matter in love or after marriage, don’t put forward many requirements to the other party, hoping to change the other party into another image in your mind. He is him, and you love him in the beginning, don’t you?

2. Don’t alienate your friends.

In fact, good love should be generated on the basis of friendship. If friendship is taken as the background of love, perhaps when love is not there, you will not be as strange as those who only have love after breaking up. What’s more, the circle of friends is the foundation for you to maintain a healthy personality and promote career growth, and it is also an opportunity for you to regain love after losing a relationship.

After falling in love, many men and women will alienate themselves from their friends and give all their time to each other. They think that only in this way can they prove their wholeheartedness and prove their dedication. Just imagine, aren’t you tired of being together all day? Aren’t you tired? It is said that distance produces beauty. Keeping a little distance can not only maintain a certain sense of mystery, but also increase your sweetness. Why not? Besides, besides each other, you also have many friends. You have your own social circle. You rely on friends when you go out. If you are separated that day, you still have to continue to live. Friends are your best reliance and comfort.

Therefore, never alienate your friends at any time. Of course, you can bring him closer to your friends and get along with your friends, which will reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles.

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