Women’s 18 sentences: men can’t stand it

the first sentence: I haven’t decided whether to go or not.

When his heat is rising, you say, “I haven’t decided yet.”—— If you really don’t want to see him, please make preparations and give him hints before meeting him, instead of talking at the bedside!

the second sentence: your bed is so dirty and messy

When you were one step away, you suddenly said, “your bed is so dirty and messy! How can you lie down like this?”—— You can take a glance at his bed and guide him to the sofa with your body, but don’t really say it. It will make him very embarrassed!

the third sentence: your mouth stinks, go brush your teeth quickly

When you kiss, you say, “your mouth stinks. Brush your teeth!”—— You can say it gently; “Honey, I’ve just had dinner and haven’t brushed my teeth yet. Can you wait for me?” Then I naturally pulled him to the bathroom!

the fourth sentence: ha, your underwear is the same as my ex BF

When you are passionate, you say, “ha, your underwear is the same as my ex BF!”—— Don’t mention anything that reminds him of your ex BF, even if it’s a hint. Underwear and socks, which are close to your body, are especially obvious!

the fifth sentence: never mind, it will be better next time.

When he’s not in good shape, you say, “never mind, it’ll be better next time.”—— If you think that this kind of encouragement can work, you are absolutely wrong. When he really does not perform well, it is best to keep silent. If you pretend to encourage and comfort, it is tantamount to hiding your ears and stealing your bells!

the sixth sentence: OK?

When he performs well and asks you how you feel, you say: “OK” – good is good, bad is good. There is no need to give him a vague answer, which will make him suspect that he has not satisfied you at all!

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