Six sentences: see through the essence of men, women should be vigilant

For women, most men are boiled water, which is a little weak, but it is indispensable in life. The boy younger than himself is a soft drink, which is sweet and energetic. Drinking it occasionally can refresh and refresh him. It is hard to avoid getting sweet and tired after drinking it all at once, and the more he drinks, the more thirsty he becomes.

There is a kind of man that women must not drink. This kind of man is poison. After a woman has tasted it, she may be disheveled or frightened. Such men are distributed at all levels, as if their only mission is to play with more women.

When such men first appeared, they should be swatted to death with a fly swatter. They will use some of the same dialogue for all women to achieve various purposes, which has almost become the mantra of this toxic man. When you hear a man around you say these things to you, be careful!

mantra 1: “you look like my first love!”

The good woman hit back: “no, I think I look more like your mother!”

The toxic man will make such a confession to the target when he just locks it. Women always naively think that if a man has his first love in his heart, it means that the man has a long love, and the feeling of first love is the most beautiful. Since he looks like his first love, it means that at this moment, in his eyes, he is the most beautiful! He will cherish himself like his first love

Wake up, how do you know whether the man in front of you has his first love, or whether his first love is tired of him and then pushed away? He just understands the romantic and unrealistic sensitivity of women, and makes good use of it to make you believe that he has deeply fallen in love with you.

mantra 2: “I’ll buy you whatever you want, as long as you’re happy!”

The good woman fought back: “my income is enough for me to buy anything I want. You’d better save your money to buy yourself an endowment insurance!”

Toxic men with good financial conditions will not say such words at all, and they will directly take gift offensives until they stun women. Usually, those who release such words are low-end toxic men, whose wallets are not big enough, and they also want to learn from your son. He won’t say it to you in person or when he goes shopping with you. He usually only picks out the woman who is about to take the bait when he makes a phone call.

Anyway, I’m just throwing a bad check to cheer you up. When you get serious and ask him to cash it, he will say with a slight sadness: “unexpectedly, you’re just a material woman…”

In short, women who don’t care about money won’t ask them to realize this sentence. Women who want them to realize this sentence also know that they can’t do it. So, if you can’t eat mutton, you will be dirty. How can you bear the crime of “money snobbish”?

mantra 3: “do you like me? If you like me, I dare to chase you!”

The good woman fought back: “I have no time to tease you. Do you like to chase me?”

What kind of bullshit logic is this? Since you like me, you can chase me and make me happy. Then I like you. How can such a shameless man want a woman to give him a guarantee before he will start? Yes, he will explain to you that “we men are very face saving. If we are doomed to failure, it is better to give up early”. Think about it carefully. This kind of man doesn’t even have the courage to bear the failure of courtship. What do you expect him to bear?

He just wants to draw your bottom line and take advantage of your good feelings for him. After you admit that you like him a little, you can wait. He simplified everything in the process of “chasing” you. He said that he didn’t promise you to come out to eat at McDonald’s, announced that you were boyfriend and girlfriend, and then it was logical to go to bed.

mantra 4: “I am sincere!”

The good woman hit back: “you just say what you want to do?”

He only said half of this sentence, and the latter half should be “I sincerely want to sleep with you”. However, the women who took the bait understood that their sentence might be followed by “I sincerely want to associate with you (marry you)!” What is particularly ridiculous is that when poisonous men say this, they always cite “you see how many texts I sent you, how many meals I invited you to eat, and how many things I bought you…” as an argument.

c’mon! When a man counts his contributions to you one by one, don’t you think it’s more like settling accounts after autumn? When you believe in his “sincerity” and take off his pants with sincerity and are exhausted by him in bed, you will wake up: he really has “sincerity” in going to bed!

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