Baby snores when sleeping, beware of sub-health

“As soon as the child cried, I was at a loss. I didn’t know what she meant. As soon as she cried, I was in a mess and didn’t know what to do. I kept teasing her, but she didn’t seem to appreciate it.

Watching the baby crying, I feel very distressed. I especially like her quiet sleep, frowning from time to time, snoring softly and rhythmically. ” My friend happily talked about the happiness of being a mother.

But the baby’s body in infancy is completely in a “newborn” state, and new mothers need to pay attention to any wind and grass. Sometimes the baby’s crying is not hungry, it may be something uncomfortable. As this friend said, children will “snore” when they sleep – don’t think it’s “cute”. The baby may be in a “snoring” state if he shouts loudly.

snoring is not a normal physiological phenomenon.

Pediatric experts said that snoring in general is not a normal physiological phenomenon, but a manifestation of certain lesions in the throat or bronchus. The most common causes are proliferation gland hypertrophy, chronic tonsillar hypertrophy, bronchitis, etc.

If your baby snores in sleep, you should first determine the cause of snoring, and then take corresponding treatment according to the cause.

Nanny is also a fashion mother of the post-80s generation. She needs to sleep comfortably. After natural childbirth, you should sleep in soft Simmons. In this way, the baby will follow nanny to sleep in Simmons. Gradually, nanny found that the baby’s back was not straight and felt strange when she held it. At first I thought it was the wrong posture to hold, but later I found it was getting worse. I went to the hospital for examination and found that the baby’s bones were deformed.

after being questioned by the doctor , it was discovered that Simmons caused the disaster

There are still many cases of “sub-health” left by new mothers because of their carelessness, carelessness or ignorance.

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