How does crus coarseness do? How can ability thin leg

How does crus coarseness do? How can thin leg? The hot summer is coming. For women who love beauty, they all want to wear short skirts. But for those with thick legs, they will show their shortcomings. Therefore, many people have joined the ranks of weight loss. For those with thick legs, they also want to achieve the goal of thin legs through some methods. Then, how can we do with thick legs and how can we thin legs? Let’s take a look at the following introduction.

How does crus coarseness do? How can ability thin leg

Those with thick legs who want to thin legs should first clarify the reason for thick legs, which may be due to excessive fat, muscular development of the legs, or edema. Different reasons lead to different methods of slimming legs. Details are as follows:

1. Too much fat: you can pinch the leg first. If the feeling is soft and elastic, it is generally caused by too much fat in the leg. For the thick leg caused by this situation, you should combine diet and exercise, and properly carry out aerobic exercise with good fat burning effect such as jogging, yoga and rope skipping. At the same time, you should avoid eating high calorie food as much as possible. In order to achieve the effect of body fat reduction, the body fat content is less, and the calf will naturally thin down. The method of liposuction can also thin the legs.

2. Muscular development: if the lower leg is thick, and the lower leg feels hard, you can clearly see large muscles when you stand on tiptoe. This is because the legs are thick due to muscular development. In daily life, try to avoid the action of exerting force on the legs, such as tiptoe and rope skipping. In daily life, stretch the leg muscles more, such as stepping on the wall with the sole of one foot, standing upright and trying to move closer to the wall. This can change the shape of the muscle, so as to thin the legs. For the thick leg caused by muscle, the effect of leg slimming can also be achieved through the leg slimming needle.

3. Crus edema: if the crus is thick and soft, it can be seen that there is no rebound when pressing. It shows that the thick leg is caused by the edema of the lower leg. In the absence of other disease factors, pay attention to avoid standing and sitting for a long time, and massage the lower leg to promote blood circulation in the lower leg, improve the edema of the lower leg and thin the leg.

How does crus coarseness do? How can thin leg? The above is a detailed introduction to this issue. I believe you all know something about it. Friends with thick legs can choose suitable methods to lose weight and thin legs according to their own conditions, but they must pay attention to long-term persistence before they can have effect.

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