Is the lifestyle of homestead men and women sub healthy?

A girl has graduated from University for seven years and has not got a stable job. She squats at home all day surfing the Internet and watching TV. She is afraid of work. Recently, the doctor diagnosed that the “squatting at home” girl suffered from social phobia. Seven years ago, after graduating from a college in Wuhan, Xiaoling (not her real name) worked as a technician in a company. Soon after, she resigned because of her poor interpersonal relationship. Since then, she has found several jobs on and off. She either can’t handle the relationship well, or she is too tired to work, and the time is not long. Later, Xiaoling spent a long time at home watching TV and surfing the Internet, rarely going out. Because of her narrow social contacts, she has never talked about a suitable partner, and her anxious parents seek medical treatment and health care everywhere.

According to the doctor’s diagnosis, Xiaoling has depression and obsessive-compulsive symptoms and must receive psychological counseling and drug treatment. The doctor also pointed out that in recent years, there are not a few such patients. They are generally the only children of urban families. They are around 20 years old, and their family conditions are not bad. Even if they do not work to earn money, their parents can support them.

According to the survey, 57% of college students have the habit of staying up late. Among them, 71% of senior students have the habit of staying up late. Since there is no uniform bedtime at night, most students do not exercise in the morning. Coupled with the rich spare time life, many students sleep very late, of which 40% do not sleep at night or get up in the morning because of playing games and other recreational activities.

Wang Xiaoping, director of the mental health center of Wudu people’s Hospital, said that such people have no pressure to survive, are “parasitic” around their parents, and are accustomed to receiving care and arrangements from their parents or relatives. Most of them can’t correctly evaluate themselves, or are afraid of hardship or poor social adaptation. Wang Xiaoping said that if they stay at home for a long time and do not take the initiative to adapt to society, these people’s communication ability will gradually deteriorate, and in serious cases, they will be depressed, and the gap between them and their peers will become wider and wider, resulting in inferiority complex and even decadence.

Nowadays, some young people regard living at home as a fashionable lifestyle. They wake up naturally after sleeping every day, eat irregularly, and spend most of their time at home with computers. They are called “house men and house women”. Recently, doctors pointed out that the lifestyle of “house men and house women” is actually a kind of sub-health.

Peng Hao, director of the orthopaedic surgery department of the people’s Hospital of Wuhan University, said that “homestead men and homestead women” basically have obvious “mouse hands”: a layer of dark calluses are worn out on their wrists. If the posture of holding the mouse is improper, it can also cause “carpal tunnel syndrome”, numbness and weakness of the palm, and local pain.

Shen Lei, a doctor in the Department of general ophthalmology of Wuhan Aier Eye Hospital, reminds that if you look at the computer screen for a long time, your eyes will be dry and astringent. If you have dry eyes or keratitis, the retina of people with high myopia is easy to detach. You should rest for 5-10 minutes every hour you surf the Internet. “Because they eat and sleep very irregularly and do not exercise, their digestion and other functions will be damaged, resulting in obesity and decreased resistance. In addition, the poor indoor environment may also lead to respiratory tract infection.”

The doctor suggested that “house men and house women” should get out of the house, change their lifestyles, go to the real outside world to breathe fresh air, participate in more social activities and sports, return to work and society, reasonably arrange their lives, regain their health and live happily.

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