Choose the right lifestyle to add age points for health

Science has proved that people’s life span can reach or exceed 100 years. And the secret to longevity is also very simple – to develop good living habits. In reality, there are many good living habits that are conducive to our longevity and anti-aging, but as we all know, how much impact do they have on longevity? In fact, different living habits have different effects on longevity. Once you choose the right lifestyle, it will add points to your healthy and long life!

habits that make people younger by one year eating breakfast

Forming the habit of eating breakfast can make people younger by one year. It is mainly to supplement fiber and fruit. Hamburgers or potato cakes that contain a lot of fat are not included.

lifestyle that makes people three years younger

walk fast every day

This is a good exercise. Walking briskly for 10 minutes every day is not only good for your health, but also can sweep away your depressed will and keep your spirit happy. Brisk walking is also very suitable for the elderly who can’t take part in vigorous exercise. Walking fast can exercise more than walking slowly, because it can promote blood circulation, increase oxygen consumption, and increase the contractility of the heart.

get enough sleep

It should be regular and maintain good quality. It is best to sleep 7 hours a day. High quality sleep can make the body naturally produce more growth hormones, which are the most important chemical ingredients for anti-aging.

lifestyle that makes people 4 years younger

eat more vegetables, fruits and cereals

There are many kinds of human foods, and the nutritional components of each food are not the same. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of human nutrition, we advocate eating a variety of foods, which has achieved the goal of balanced diet and promoting health. Cereals are just the basic guarantee of a balanced diet. Generally, adults should take 250-400g per day.


Researchers have found that periodontal disease and immune system disorders have a considerable relationship with the heart and blood vessels. Effective use of dental floss can prevent periodontal disease, thereby reducing immune disorders or other heart disease problems.


At least one hour of intense exercise a week, such as jogging, mountain climbing and stair climbing, can strengthen the function of the body and myocardial blood vessels.

life habits that make people younger by 5 years – class

Learning new courses can restore the memory of youth in one’s heart, and then reflect it in one’s appearance.

lifestyle that makes people six years younger

have a good sex life

Married people live longer than single people, and high-quality sex life is beneficial to body and mind, and also helps to stabilize emotions.

eat less meat and fat

The consumption should be more controlled, especially the intake of saturated fat, which should be maintained within 20 grams per day.

lifestyle that makes people 7 years younger


Two times a week, 20 minutes each time, can strengthen bones, improve morale, and also slim.


Laughing often can reduce emotional anxiety and relax. When it is reflected on your face or heart, you will naturally be much younger.

life habits that make people younger by 9 years – drink once a day

Sipping a glass of beer, wine (red or Baijiu) and cocktails can contribute to the health of heart function, but be careful to drink only a small glass every day. Don’t drink too much, otherwise it will cause a burden on the heart and blood vessels.

life habits that make people 12 years younger – know their own physical symptoms (warning signs)

Prevention is better than treatment. Understanding the health condition of the body and taking prevention or treatment as soon as possible can avoid the possibility of disease deterioration.

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