Keep away from diseases and eat to regulate sub-health

What is sub-health? Even if you are close to getting sick, although you can’t see any specific symptoms on the surface, and you don’t clearly feel uncomfortable physically, the next moment you turn your head, the disease may appear. It’s not that I twisted my neck, but that the etiology accumulated over time finally broke out. So, before it broke out, did you ever think that these etiologies could be cured?

what is the “third state of the human body”

With the transformation of the medical model from the simple biomedical model in the past to the biological psychological social medical model, people begin to realize that there is still a state of low physiological function between health and disease. Physical and chemical tests have no obvious positive results, but they always feel a variety of physical and mental discomfort. This critical state between health and disease is called the “sub-health state” or the “third state of the human body” “Grey status”.

According to expert statistics, more than 50% of the modern people on the earth today are in the “third state of the human body”. These people often sigh that they are “tired” and often accompanied by loss of appetite, headache, insomnia, restlessness, mental depression, lack of concentration, easy fatigue, forgetfulness and sexual dysfunction. They can not find anything wrong in hospital examination. If a person is in this third state for a long time, his physical condition will gradually go into a low ebb, resulting in a series of diseases and posing a threat to his health.

induction of “human third state”

The causes of the “third state of the human body” are environmental pollution in modern life, unreasonable dietary structure, addiction to tobacco and alcohol, and various pressures from social competition, among which unreasonable diet is the most common cause. For example, some people still focus on traditional eating habits, that is, the body ingests low protein and high calorie foods. Many people don’t pay attention to breakfast, or even don’t eat breakfast. In this way, the body is often hungry, resulting in brain hypoxia, affecting the normal secretion of adrenaline, sex hormone, thyroxine and other endocrine hormones. In serious cases, it can produce symptoms such as emotional depression, palpitation and fatigue, blurred vision, hypoglycemia and fainting.

There are also some people who suffer from “the third state of the human body” due to their long-term preference for food. As we all know, the blood of the human body is weakly alkaline under normal conditions, but if the blood is too acidic, it will cause physical discomfort. Noodles and rice in staple foods, meat, fish, shellfish, shrimp, eggs, peanuts, beer and sugar in non-staple foods are all acidic foods. Eating too much will lead to acidic constitution and induce “sub-health state”.

In addition, the physiological changes caused by the growth and development of the human body, especially when the physiology is at a certain special stage, are also mostly in the “third state”, such as the maturity and regression of sexual functions, prenatal and postnatal periods and menopause. “The third state of the human body” is also the precursor of many diseases, such as obesity, dirty teeth, hypotension, hypoglycemia, hypertension, diabetes, etc.

dietary conditioning in the “third state of the human body”

China’s dietetic regimen with a history of thousands of years has great vitality in adjusting the “third state”. Ancient Chinese medicine believed that the balance of yin and Yang of the human body was the sign of health, so the Internal Classic said that “Yin is calm and Yang is secret, and spirit is the cure”. However, this kind of balance is dynamic and influenced by the external environment. Obviously, it is impossible to achieve an absolute balance, that is, the “third state” exists objectively. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine has the treatment principle of harmonizing Yin and Yang, correcting the biases and rescuing the shortcomings, and promoting the balance of yin and Yang.

In terms of treatment means, the method of “medicine to dispel it, food to follow” was proposed, and food to support healthy qi. The dietary principle of “five grains to feed, five fruits to help, five animals to benefit, and five vegetables to fill” was established. It was also proposed that the “five flavors” of acid, bitter, sweet, spicy and salty should be coordinated, and preference for food should not be allowed. This kind of diet structure conducive to human health is scientific, which is also the reason why people often say that “food is better than medicine”.

Choosing dietotherapy is a better scheme to adjust the “third state of the human body”. Because many natural foods have comprehensive nutrition and no toxic side effects, long-term consumption can achieve the goals of Supplementing Qi, nourishing blood, strengthening the body, strengthening the brain, and anti-aging. In particular, they are of practical value for the treatment of various deficiency disorders in TCM. This article introduces several related dietary conditioning methods of “the third state of the human body” for readers’ reference.

six dietary treatments

1、 In the state of lung qi deficiency, there are short of breath, sweating, easy to catch a cold and so on. You can eat lily, honey, white fungus, red jujube, orange, almond and other foods for a long time.

2、 In the state of spleen yang deficiency, there are constipation, abdominal distension, bowel ringing, belching and other manifestations. You can eat Chinese yam, lotus seed, lily, hawthorn, Yiren rice and maltose for a long time.

3、 Kidney yang deficiency state, with low back pain, weak knees, chilly limbs, dizziness and tinnitus, early white hair and beard, and sexual function decline. It can eat mutton, beef, sesame, walnut, beans, bean products and nuts for a long time.

4、 Obesity and fatigue: there are many obese people who are not only physically fatigued but also mentally fatigued because of their overweight. They should eat less starch and sugar foods, and eat vegetables and fruits such as radish, cabbage, cabbage, green pepper, tomato and mushrooms for a long time.

5、 If you are upset and have insomnia, dizziness and upset, you can eat food that can nourish your mind and calm your nerves for a long time, such as fried longan meat, sour jujube kernels and cypress kernels.

6、 Neurasthenia is characterized by vision loss, memory loss, clumsiness, etc. you can cook porridge with lotus seeds, longan meat, lily, pig bone, jujube, glutinous rice, etc. for a long time. If you have neurasthenia caused by blood deficiency and tension, you can eat mulberry, or fried with cooked earth and white peony.

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