Keep away from melanin for skin whitening, and keep away from melanin for skin whitening

Whitening has always been the pursuit of women, no matter what color you are. When it comes to whitening, Asians with yellow skin have never ignored it. For example, women’s “three obediences and four virtues”, smiling and looking forward to beauty, but their skin is as white as cream! In today’s sexy challenge to nature, white is more regarded as a treasure and stands proudly in the market! When it comes to the whitening share that accounts for a certain proportion in the Chinese skin care market, it can be seen that it is warmly sought after by people! People are also familiar with some whitening methods, but not all of them are effective.

How can I make my skin whiter? What are the commonly used whitening methods? It can directly inhibit and reduce the tyrosinase activity of melanocytes, and can inhibit and reduce the production of melanin from the source, which is the most commonly used and traditional effective method in whitening technology. Scientists also found that melanin, which has not been completely eliminated, can be transported to the most important keratinocytes in the epidermis. When the skin is under external pressure and stimulation, these keratinocytes cannot maintain normal metabolism, resulting in excessive melanin deposition or uneven accumulation in the epidermis, resulting in darker skin color or color spots. Therefore, inhibiting the production of melanin and reducing the transport of melanin is an important way to make the skin uniform and white. But melanin is not disliked by everyone,

Melanin is an obstacle to people’s whitening. We should try to stop its formation. Ingredients that inhibit melanin synthesis or tyrosinase activity can inhibit the production of skin melanin. Active ingredients that inhibit melanin transport can inhibit the distribution of melanin on the skin surface. Some ingredients can promote the decomposition of melanin that has been formed, and can dilute the dark skin color and color spots. Stopping the production of melanin can help you get rid of many skin problems.

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