Men’s lower body vs women’s lower body

I always see such words as “men are animals that think with their lower bodies”, women can accept asexual marriage, love can be asexual, but men can’t… many remarks describe the importance of men’s view of sex.

When it comes to the difference between men and women in their treatment of sex, one of them is that men are easy to accept one night stands. When they are frustrated or the workplace is not smooth, they will choose to find a night market for recreation, which is easy to happen. Although they don’t have any feelings, they just want to vent. Women are not! It’s hard for a woman to have sex with a man without any feelings unless she loses her mind.

When a man pays his lower body, it does not mean that he will pay his lower life; When a woman gives her body, she hopes that this man can accompany her for the rest of her life. When a man loves, he gets a more complete world, because a woman gives her body and heart to him; Women love, but only get a man’s body and a “migratory bird’s heart”, because men always emphasize that they should have freedom to come and go, and the season that needs you will come. When they fly away, they take away your world

So, which is more important, the lower body of a man or the lower life of a woman?

1. A man’s lower body can be given to n women.

Since ancient times, there have always been stories of amorous women being unfaithful. Unfaithful men like Chen Shimei can be found everywhere, but infatuated men like Liang Shanbo and Jiao Zhongqing are rare. The same is true today. We see many married men still eating bowls and looking at pots and pans, looking at the fancy world outside, keeping mistresses, finding lovers and having an affair. How many have changed from a yellow flower girl to a yellow faced woman’s wife but have been kept in the dark.

Many people will wonder whether a man’s affair is for emotional needs or to meet physical needs? Love is selfish, and there is only one. When a man betrays his wife, he only pays attention to the needs of his body!

Men like to pursue freshness and excitement. After their newlyweds, they are bored by the dull family life. They are eager for fresh emotional stimulation and want to experience different sex with different women. A man’s lower body can be given to n women! When he needs you, he will take the initiative to fly to you. When he decides to leave, no one can hold him back. He waves his sleeves and never looks back, but he takes away your whole world.

2. The love gap between men and women

In love, there is never equality, and there is a huge gap between men and women in their treatment of love.

Looking at the gap between men’s and women’s love, there are countless answers: Men’s love can be given to n women, and women’s love can only be given to one man; Men’s love is seen with their eyes, while women use their feelings! The love between men and women is not equal.

The process of a man’s love for a woman is: Love – fear – annoyance – leave. The steps of a woman’s love for a man are: it doesn’t matter – like – Love – the truth is hard to accept. When a man loves a woman very much, a woman may not have fallen in love with a man. When a woman gradually likes and falls in love with this man, it may be that a man is tired of a woman and is ready to run away. Man’s love is the process of gradually turning a swan into a toad; Women’s love is the process of turning frogs into princes.

In the world of love, men think more about the lower body, while women think more about the lower life. This is also why so many junior high school students do not want to be famous, but once they fall into it for a long time, they can’t help thinking about the second half of their lives, which leads to so many marital tragedies.

3. Men consider the lower body and women consider the lower life.

A woman’s love is persistent, because she often remembers her former lover. A man’s love is the weather forecast, often cloudy and sunny. Men always think about the “lower body”, while women think more about the “lower life”. Women can always distinguish between “love” and “like”. Men only know which is their favorite. The so-called “only” is basically untrue.

When you are with a man, you are all he has; When you are separated from men, you are nothing. When you are with a woman, you are all she has; When you are separated from a woman, you are still her whole. Men’s love can be measured by fame, wealth and status; A woman’s love can be exchanged with fame and life. Men flaunt themselves by getting good women; Women flaunt themselves by keeping good men.

A good man’s sense of responsibility makes him see himself as a soldier, build a castle for marriage, and he is the warrior to guard; The love of a good woman makes her think of herself as a nurse, and the family is his patient. In her opinion, she is always a little worried.

When a man’s lower body meets a woman’s lower life, it leads to a woman’s endless waiting. In front of the lower body of a man, the second half of a woman’s life seems pale and powerless.

4. Men are asexual and loveless; women are loveless and asexual.

In the emotion of one night stand, men can be very free and easy, forget their favorite without care, but women can’t. In other words, men can take it up and put it down, but women can’t put it down. Men can quickly start new feelings, but women have to lick their wounds alone.

Because love is closely connected with desire, men’s sexual impulses come quickly and violently, and women’s impulses come slowly and lag behind. It can be said that different physiological characteristics (sexual desire) of men and women lead to different psychological characteristics (love). Therefore, it can be said that men’s love is short and shallow, and women’s love is long and long, which is determined by different physiological characteristics of men and women.

A man’s love can be like loving his cat in the living room. He wants you not to disturb him when he is tired, and he also wants to accompany him when he is not tired physically and mentally. He only raised you in the living room because he wanted to give you love in a happy environment.

This war between men and women seems to be going on endlessly. We only hope that men can pay less attention to the needs of the lower body and think more about the second half of women’s life. In this way, there will be fewer families with broken marriages in China. When families are harmonious, society will be harmonious!

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