This part must be washed every day!

I have to take a bath every day. Do you know how to wash it? Is it because you wash every day and ignore many subtle parts? Especially for female friends, these parts must not be forgotten to wash, not for one day!

parts to be washed every day: 1. Teeth

Developing a good habit of brushing your teeth in the morning and evening can not only protect your teeth, but also prevent the growth of bacteria and freshen your breath. However, it is recommended to use warm water of about 35 ℃ when brushing teeth, because the normal metabolism of teeth can only be carried out at a temperature of 35 ~ 36.5 ℃, and warm water of about 35 ℃ is a benign oral protective agent, which will not stimulate the mouth.

parts that must be washed every day 2. Face

Do you wash your face every day? It’s not that some artists or computer users forget to wash their faces when they get too busy. But facts have proved that such people are still relatively few. Washing your face can not only ensure facial hygiene, but also promote facial blood circulation and prevent colds. Of course, if you want to better protect your face, you’d better wash your face with warm water.

parts that must be washed every day 3. Feet

As the saying goes, “the foot is the second heart of the human body”, whether it is hot or cold, we should develop the habit of soaking our feet every day. Of course, cold water or warm water is not the best way to soak our feet. Hot water soaking our feet is not only clean and hygienic, but also relieves fatigue, and also plays a role in preventing and treating diseases.

parts that must be washed every day 4. Ears

For the ears you can’t see, you may only remember to clean the earwax, but forget the exposed auricles. Therefore, it is recommended to wash your auricles every day. Pay attention not to wash the neck skin with too hot bath water, otherwise it will stimulate the skin to age prematurely and produce neck lines; And don’t rub it hard. Use your fingers to gently rub it back and forth.

parts that must be washed every day 5. Underarm

Axillary sweat glands are rich and wrinkled, which are easy to harbor dirt. Axillary lymph glands secrete substances that have a fox odor, so they must be cleaned every day. Wash with water after lathering with soap or bath liquid. When washing, you should lift your arm and rub it in circles with the finger pulp or palm of the other hand to remove dirt and promote blood circulation.

parts that must be washed every day 6. Neck

The neck is easy to expose the age. Because the head is lowered and the head is raised for a long time, the neck is also more prone to wrinkles than the face, so to prevent aging, we must first prevent neck wrinkles. Bathing is a very important part of neck maintenance. The premise for the neck to fully absorb moisture and nutrition is to do a good job of cleaning and care, and do not let old horniness and other dirt stay in the neck. In addition to choosing a mild cleanser for cleaning every day, deep cleaning should be carried out once or twice a week. Gently massage the neck skin with exfoliating milk with mild scrub effect, then wash it with clean water and pat it with non-alcoholic toner.

parts that must be washed every day 7. Groin

The skin pleats in this part are also thick, especially for obese people, and dirty things are easy to accumulate. When cleaning, women can gently rub with their fingers from bottom to top and from left to right, and then rinse with warm water. When cleaning the groin, if you see that the skin becomes rough and dark, it may mean that diabetes may occur.

parts that must be washed every day 8. Chest

When cleaning the chest, you must not use a lotion that is too irritating. It is better to clean it with clean water, and the temperature should not be too high, so as not to scald the cuticle on the skin surface with too hot water, so that the skin will become drier, thinner and looser.

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