New clothes must be washed before wearing

The British Daily Mail published an article on May 20, which published the latest life tips issued by Donald Bairstow, an American doctor and professor of dermatology at Columbia University Medical Center: in order to reduce allergies and other diseases, new clothes must be washed before being put on the body.

At present, many countries do not require garment manufacturers to indicate the use of Anti Wrinkle chemicals in their products. Many tests have found that the anti wrinkle chemicals in some clothing even exceed the maximum safety value by 900 times. Professor Bairstow pointed out that among these chemicals, formaldehyde resin may be the culprit. Some clothes use it to prevent wrinkling and mildew. However, the substance is easy to irritate the skin, leading to allergic reactions such as rash and pruritus. Some scientists believe that the substance may even increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, new clothes should be washed and dried at least once before being put on the body.

Professor Bairstow said that dyes are also a big problem for new clothes. Azo aniline dyes make many synthetic materials clothing show colorful colors. However, the dye will cause severe skin allergic reactions in allergic people. Therefore, after buying new clothes, people with allergies had better wash them twice before wearing them. Because the dye may still remain after washing new clothes once, it is easy to cause skin redness, pruritus, rash and scaling. The incidence is mostly in the waist, neck, thigh, armpit and other places with more friction and sweat.

Professor Bairstow pointed out that cleaning new clothes thoroughly can not only reduce the chemical substances that cause allergy, but also reduce the pollutants such as bacteria. When other customers try on clothes, they may leave parasites such as germs and lice and spread infectious diseases such as scabies. Therefore, no matter what the fabric of new clothes, it is best to wash them first and then wear them.

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