Good men don’t look for salespeople. Women are tactful and scheming

What happened to the girl in sales? Why is it really difficult to find a partner in the sales industry? On the Internet, the positive and negative sides fought a “war of words” across the air——

bystanders: female salespeople are easy to be labeled

“Cloud cover”: when you talk about sales, you will think of tact, sophistication and being a person. This feature can be said to be neutral when it is applied to men, but it is suspected to be derogatory when it is applied to women. In addition, female salespeople are easy to be labeled as “hidden rules”.

“The fourth diamond king”: as a technician, I agree with this view. Why? First of all, the sales hours are uncertain. Originally, I had to go home from work to take my children with my husband, but suddenly there was a bureau at night to accompany the user to dinner. Secondly, drinking. In fact, I have also seen female salespeople who do not drink, but very few of them. I once heard a customer say at a dinner party that you should be sincere in doing this! This is just a joke, but the beautiful women who do sales even drink two cups with that goblet, and they vomit at night and don’t know their parents. Finally, this is my plan. As some people said before! The saleswoman can calculate. She has seen all kinds of storms and waves. Can you fight her?

peers say: capable female salespeople deserve respect

“Rookie Bubu”: as a male salesman, I have to say something for my female colleagues! I don’t know if some people have seen too many TV dramas. How can there be so many hidden rules? Normal business companies and foreign enterprise sales, if they all rely on hidden rules to do business, will close down soon. Our company’s male and female sales are on average, and several managers are women. The big boss of Wuhan Branch is male. Usually, the work intensity is very high, and those who do well are basically women. These competent sales managers deserve respect. Generally, we talk about brands and services with customers, and occasionally give gifts. Where can we be hidden? No one who has seen the world can say hidden rules. However, after working in sales for a long time, I felt that the salary of other positions was too low, which became a reality.

Luo xiner: it’s too one-sided. I’m a salesman. I go to work. What’s my private life? Some people insist on adding their own thoughts to others. Not everyone is so mercenary. Please remember: there are many parts of life, including life, feelings, social interaction, eating, entertainment, but not just focusing on money.

calm down Pie: sales is a profession, not a personality

Netizen j5j5j5: nothing is absolute. I study marketing. My classmates are all engaged in sales. Many girls don’t marry men for a penny. There are also many who sell women’s true nature and feelings. There are also some girls who do not engage in sales who are greedy and philistine. Why only focus on female sales? This has nothing to do with my profession, but with my character.

“Post-85 Hot Mom”: I think it’s because salespeople struggle to be at the forefront, see too much of the cold and warm world, and see too much of the ugliness of human nature in front of interests, which makes them pay more attention to real money and interests than illusory feelings. This is also the reality that many people say. Sales is a relatively fast money business. If you do it well, you can earn more money than many occupations. If a man is more realistic than a woman, it is called maturity, and he can earn money. Even if he feels a little glib, he doesn’t have to worry about finding a partner. On the other hand, as a woman, earning money is no worse than that of men. She is mature, sophisticated and realistic. She can see through the childishness of men at a glance, which is intolerable for men. Some people say that sales depends on one mouth. Although it is biased, those who do well in sales must have a powerful mouth. Too good eloquence is sometimes your own weakness. Because those who die can say they live, sometimes people can’t believe you. They are afraid that you are not sincere but too eloquent.

“Icelee”: sales is a profession, not a personality. What kind of hand does the knife play? It is a kitchen utensil in the hands of cooks and a murder weapon in the hands of robbers. It only shows one thing: the difference is people, not things. Men have a hero complex, and they want women to worship and rely on themselves. Women in sales are forced to be more manly than men by their work. They are decisive, resolute and resolute. How can they have the time and mood to be romantic and tender? In addition, to be a salesman, you have to deal with all kinds of people. Who haven’t you met? I’ve seen a lot. How can I worship people so easily?

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