Have you ever committed five stupid things in love with a woman

Sometimes when you see the way some girls do, are you surprised at how much she has done for her boyfriend. But in fact, you have done or are doing such things. Because you love him, you are willing to do it. But it is often easy to be roast by the sisters around.

Today, let’s summarize some practices that surprised the sister group. If you also have these behaviors, reflect on whether life is too centered on him and has no soul of your own?

1. In order to receive calls or text messages from the other party at any time, I even hold the phone tightly when I sleep

In fact, when taking a rest, we should focus on our own health, and there is no need to care so much about our boyfriend’s affairs. People who always give priority to contact their boyfriends, resulting in insufficient sleep, had better tell their boyfriends “it’s going to bed soon, so turn off the power of their mobile phones” before going to bed. To ensure your sleep, love needs physical strength. Only by ensuring your health can you love better.

2. I will wait no matter how late

It is understandable if it is the anniversary of two people, but if it is often the case, it is a bit surprising to follow the practice of waiting no matter how long. Occasionally, let the other party wait for you, otherwise, in the impression of everyone, you will become a woman who can’t live without independence and a boyfriend.

3. Your boyfriend hasn’t given you any gifts, but you often give him expensive things

Although love has nothing to do with money, I am still disillusioned with those men who always ask for something but don’t pay. It is always you who blindly pay, making people feel that your love relationship has lost balance. If you don’t want to give this impression to others, it’s better to have something to give. If your boyfriend really hasn’t sent you anything, you may as well tap him in the side to give him a tentative reminder, which can also add a lot of interest.

4. Be on call in the morning or late at night

When the other party looks for you, you will rush there without hesitation, regardless of whether you are free or convenient. It is hard to avoid the feeling of going and coming at once in other people’s hearts. You may think that if you love each other, you should meet his requirements, but on the other hand, does he think of you? Love is not unilateral, it needs interaction, and only mutual efforts can spark.

5. All male friends’ contact information should be deleted at their request

Knowing that you have such behavior, have your friends around you been sweating for you? Have you been so obedient to your boyfriend, and have you been overwhelmed by the tight sense of bondage. At least keep your own private space. This is also to prevent love from taking over all of you. If your boyfriend doesn’t agree with you, talk to him well.

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