Are women too stupid or men too bad?

Xinlan has five people in her thirties this year. When she was young, she was outstanding in appearance and gentle in character. After going through struggles in school, job hunting, and courtship, she finally married a high-quality husband when she was over 30 and became an enviable lucky woman. For her husband and children, Xinlan resolutely quit her job and devoted herself to her family. After the birth of her son, Xinlan was no longer as smart as before marriage. She doesn’t read books or newspapers. She has lost her valuable curiosity about new things. She even has no idea to carve out her own face for those who like her.

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Gradually, Xinlan’s face was dry and her eyes were empty; His words are dull and his temper is dull. I am seriously out of step with my elite husband.

My husband has an affair, and “Xiao San” is young and single. Although her appearance is inferior to her heart blue, she is well dressed, lively and intellectual. The face is not like a peach blossom, the body is not like a weak willow, but it is enchanting and charming. That self-confident “little three” practiced femininity to the utmost and fascinated her husband. Since then, men love women and men come home late every day. When the east window incident broke, Xinlan suddenly realized that life was hopeless and she was at a loss. In addition to complaining, he did not have the courage to leave his comfortable home.

Xinlan begged her husband to look at the children and change his mind. He claimed that as long as he cut off contacts with “Xiao San”, he would not pursue his past. Men who have changed their hearts have proposed two options: either maintain the status quo or divorce. Angry Xinlan finds “Xiaosan” and scolds and beats him angrily. The other side said to Xinlan contemptuously: your husband is pestering me. If he wants to turn back, I’m willing to let go. The man arrived at the news, slapped his heart blue, and then tenderly comforted Xiaomi. The madman’s heart is blue and he pulls his husband wildly. After he breaks away, the man hugs the wronged “little three” and walks away.

A writer once said: “women are too stupid, so don’t blame men for being too bad.” There is a certain truth in this sentence. Women can’t accept the fact that love has changed, and they don’t want to leave their loveless marriage. They can only muddle along, lose their dignity, and end up living in a muddle and giving up their own hard life. A woman can sacrifice herself for love. But please remember, when love disappears, women also need to face it bravely. In fact, letting go of each other is to liberate yourself. To let go of others is to be fair to oneself.

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